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Gravy Williams
Gravy Williams
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Gravy Williams: Multi-Sound Acoustic musician/soloist
drops of juniper!
Hi, I do multi-acoustic covers of classics, country, pop,rock, blues and jazz! I play 6 and 12 string guitars, alt.tunings, dobro, mandolin, slide, keyboards, accordian and harmonicas,etc! I think it makes soloing much more interesting playing different intstruments! My vocals are excellent and I do run them thru a TC Helicon vocalizer which is very cool for the chorus (sounds like 3-4 people are singing). Yes I use loops and effect too, but it is all live and very cool!
Band/artist history
I have 2 bands and do a duo (acoustic w/ a girl). Bands are Plan B which is blues and Wards Corner which is the duo or trio of classic rock and pop covers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play very live and it is fantastic with all the instruments!
Your musical influences
For solos just successful pop songs over the years. The slide and Dobro sounds for blues gets peoples attention as well as the Mandolin!
What equipment do you use?
For acoustic: Custom Moonstone guitars, Taylors, Custom shop Fender Acoustic, Gibson Dobros wood and metal, Special 20s, line 6, boss delays, Helicon Live, mackie 808s mixers, etc
Anything else?
I appreciate you checking me out. Hope we meet. Thank you God. I rent music requipment too www.backlinesuperstars.com