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Heavy, Overdriven, Hard Rock & Metal. Progressive Rock, Guitar based music, Strong Tenor Vocals.
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Vibro Champ vs MIJ DS-1 vs T-von Modde DS-1
Play my Larrivee SD Custom Custom Bridge Pick-up though my Vibro Champ. 1st dry and clean 2nd - w/MIJ DS-1 3rd - W/T-von Modded DS-1 This is to demonstrate the difference in a modded pedal vs an un-modded pedal.
The Collective Mellow Jam
It's a Jam track I played over for the Collective 'Rockin for Charity'. This is my complete take.
Von Timm Stomp
Light Accoustic song
Make me a palett
Accoustic finger style blues
von Timm Dance
A light accoustic dance song.
11 songs
Greg-Timm is a songwriter and has a large amount of his own original material. Usually strong, heavy guitar based music with strong musical hooks & vocals. As a solo artist, he provides most of the musicianship and vocals you will be hearing. (except the drums) "I come from a very musical family so I when I did start to play guitar, I had plenty of very good teachers and many great sources for inspiration. I am into very heavy strong sounding guitar based music. Whether it's Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Classical, or Acoustic Roots type of music, I enjoy it if the musicianship is there. I do my very best to translate this into everything I play and sing."
Band/artist history
Started playing at an early age. Received the Virtuoso Award from the Long Island Music Teachers Assoc. @ the age of 17. Played in many bands, many different styles of music, but usually Hard Rock driven music. Always wrote my own songs so I was very eager to start an all-original rock band. I wound up fronting these bands because I could not find a singer that could sing the notes I could. Later, worked heavily to improve on my voice (Tenor) and will always do my best to sing with conviction and feel. And because I am always pushing to improve my playing, I enjoy jamming with new players. And try to learn something new all the time. In the meantime, I have also done some studio work for other artists. Most professional gig so far was when I recorded with Richard "Marley" Booker (Bob Marley's Brother) on his Medicine Man CD. (go to BobMarleyMovement.Com) I was surprised he wanted my heavy driven guitar style in his music but we worked well together and I liked what came out of it. Now I am working on some new songs that I am very excited about. I am polishing up the recordings and working on getting the sounds I want. Hopefully, with some luck, it will be finished this year. It will be a mix of Heavy Blues Rock & Progressive Metal !!! And also, play in a three piece Power rock/metal band called THREE-WAY-CRASH. We get together when we can, and are talking about hitting the clubs again. Three Way Crash has more of a progressive style and we don't worry too much about extending a song if we can make it more fun to play. The idea about this band there is no leader, and each person plays whatever he wants during the song. Usually this is a recipe for noise, but with these musicians, it works out great for all involved. Hope to get a Band page on this site for Three Way Crash soon. We're starting to get some Hard Driven Bluesy Rock covers together to get out there and gig again. Very exciting times for Three Way Crash right now. Joined the Strange But Surf Band in 2009 and it's been great ever since. A nice change from Modern Rock and a challenge to just plug in straight into the Amp without any effects (but Reverb) and turning it up. LOVE IT.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Since playing my first bar gig @ 16 years old (I'm in my Mid 40's now) I've done many many live gigs through-out the NY area. Very active at the moment with the Strange But Surf Band. (Google on YouTube) And ThreeWay Crash is getting ready to handle some new gigs for the summer, playing High Powered-OverDriven Bluesy Rock n Roll. Very Happy with both situations.
Your musical influences
Overdriven Electric Guitar music. From your basic rock song to that Full 15 minute Metal epic, to that 45 minute blues/jazz jam, it's all good. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Van Halen, Randy Rhoades, Yngwie Malsteem, Al Dimeola, Larry Carlton, Santana, BB & Albert King, Clapton, J.Beck, The Beatles, The Ventures, Leslie West, Brian May, David Gilmore, Mic Taylor & Jimi HENDRIX !!! Classic Rock, Metal, & Blues. And various Jazz & Classical music.
What equipment do you use?
Usually a Floyd Equipped Super Strat. or a Les Paul. My pedal board is full of my hand picked analog stomp boxes. (I don't like using rack processors) All into an old Marshall MK II 50watt Tube amp. For the Surf Band it's just straight into the amp. Add some reverb and do your best. A challenge and a lot of fun.
Anything else?
Music is a large part of my life. I'm always thinking about it, writing it, or playing it. And sometimes I just listen............
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