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Donnie | Owen | Dan North Londons Best Emo/Punk Band
We are a three man emo/punk band from North London. We are one of the most well known bands in the area and love to not only make music but mess around too, which is what we are most well known for...
Band/artist history
Envoke started off as Brickworm a couple of years ago with a completely different line up to today. As time passed by things changed. Envoke was formed as a metal band, but then the lead singer was kicked out and the guitarist left. This left the last three remaining, Donnie, Owen and Dan, and we became an emo/punk band. For a couple of songs we became Larry-Got-Laid-! but this didn't stay that way for long. We then came back to Envoke and all goes on from there...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live. We play at places such as The Standard, The Electrowerkz and The Square. We are hoping to soon find other places to gig at. We love gigging, more than anything else. The most memoriable Envoke moment is either when we first played the song "Gayness From The Anus" or when Donnie jumped to do a wall kick from the amp but accidently knocked it down and it almost hit Owen.
Your musical influences
Bands such as Angels And Airwaves, Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Panic!At The Disco, October Fall, The Used and Motion City Soundtrack are our main inluences. We are a band that are easy to listen to.
What equipment do you use?
Donnie ++++++ Squier Jagmaster (Black) Gibson Les Paul Custom (White) Fender Stratocaster (Black) Marshall Amps Carlsbro Amps Line 6 Amps Philips Microphone Owen ++++ Squier Precision Bass Westfield Strat Bass Carlsbro Amps Dan +++ Pearl Drumkit Zidijan Cymbals Electric Drumkit Philips Microphone
Anything else?
Our official website is; www.envoke.co.uk Our MySpace site is; www.myspace.com/envoke Also check out Donnie's other band!; www.gonebutnotforgotten.co.nr www.myspace.com/gonebutnotforgotten1 And remember to look up our fellow musician Alexander J!
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