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Skateboarding, Hip Hop, Rap Da Hot new MC around! You can find me chilln anywhere just google "Kickflip614" Studio Hit me up if ya wana get on in da studio.
Waz up every one? Well now its time to get 2 it! This time we gota do 4 real. Here you will find music thah i've done. Also you will find music by ppl i work with. I love music so im willing to try all type of songs. Im just a 614 West Side sk8r. I've been skateboarding all my life. There are some many hobbys that i do. As long as it make money thats what im into. So really im just a Pro Legit Hu$tler. From playing Pro Video Games ona da Xbox 360. I usally freestyle alot online in my games. Also I play Texas Hold'em Poker, Magic: The Gathering. Working on a movie & Reality Show. Looks like i do to much... NAh Gota get Dis Money.
Band/artist history
Been raping for years now. Finnaly found some ppl that do there own thing. Www.BlackBox-Ent.com So now i just work with them.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! If there a mic i need to be on it! Most of the time while in the city High Five, there a few other place @ home i usally do. But i travel alot so i dont really have a set place where i be @. All over Columbus, Ohio there are open mics. Really a.t.m. im working for Black Box Ent. I love being able to work with any diffrent ppl. Hit me up, We can set up a time 2 record or talk about doing a song together.
Your musical influences
All of them have inspired me so much. Lil Wayne i listen to every day b4 i start work.
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools, Umm stuff i use? I just know how to work it. Whatever is in the studio
Anything else?
I'll Rep 614 Columbus,Ohio all my life unlike bow wow. I'll show love to all my fans. I got my own stlye.
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