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Jmo From Bully
Jmo From Bully
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Hey y'all this is Jmo from Sinnergy. Here you will find links and tunes from my previous band, Bully. The band is still going strong and the guys are all still really good friends of mine. Make sure to hit them up at www.bully-rocks.com!!
Band/artist history
Bully is a hard rock band from the Portland, Oregon area. The band has been playing in and around the NW since 2005. Often compared to bands like Velvet Revolver, Iron Maiden, Rhoads-era Ozzy, and Tool. Bully is Matt Norton on Lead Vocals, Frank Stalin on Guitar, Paul Haueter on Bass and Andrew Losli on Drums. Bully began in August of 2001 when drummer Andrew Losli started casual jam sessions with original guitarist Jason Moser. Over the next few years they continued to write and play their original music under the name Shade of Grey, occasionally adding (and then subtracting) members to the mix in search of the right chemistry. In November 2004 they auditioned a Harley riding, tattooed vocalist named Matt Norton, who also happened to play bass. They knew that the chemistry was right before he even got to the chorus of the first song at the audition. The trio decided to officially rename themselves Bully. In the summer of 2007, after a long and exhausting search, Paul Haueter was inducted into the Bully camp to assume bass duties to allow Matt to get out in front of the band. Early in 2008 Jason Moser left the band to pursue other ventures, and soon to follow, a number of guitar players joined Bully to fill the void. The final six-string slinger, Frank Stalin, is now in like flynn and ready to rock your socks off!! The classic hard rock / metal sound with a modern twist is what the Portland locals know as Bully. By turning each show into a good time that no one wants to miss, Bully is ready to get the party started and bring the house down, and the guys are ready to spread those good times to the masses.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Look for the new lineup hittin' the Portland area and Pacific NW Spring of 2009!!!!
Your musical influences
Poison,Warrant,Butt Rock,80's,classic rock,metal,hard rock
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