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Where On Earth
Where On Earth
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hard-rocking, energetic pop-punk, with rock in it, some melodic bits, piano, screams, whatever the crowd want kind of band! We just love to play music that's ra
Formed in 2004, then a hiatus, then reformed in 2006 this time Where On Earth are here to stay. Plenty of shows, wanting more, better songs, some recording and an apparently cool live show is taking this band places! Help us out (you might get free stuff!)
Band/artist history
Past gigs: 25/02/06: Keystone, Kettering 09/04/06: KLC Lounge, Northampton 12/04/06: The Soundhaus, Northampton 27/04/06: Sawyers, Kettering 29/04/06: Harvest CC, Leicester 01/05/06: Horsheshoe Inn, Wellingborough And more to come!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we love playing live. Everywhere. The mosh pit at our acoustic show was cool. And Soundhaus was awesome! Upcoming Gigs: 12/05/06: The Labour Club, Northampton 24/06/06: Cornerstone England, Northampton 04/07/06: Roadhouse, Birmingham (acoustic) 08/07/06: A Walk In The Park, Northampton 07/09/06: Horseshoe Inn, Wellingborough 19/09/06: Snoot Fox Live, Wakefield More to be confirmed. Book us now please - we play for free!
Your musical influences
All sorts. Joe Satriani, Relient K, Blink-182, Incubus, Sigur Ros, all sorts!
What equipment do you use?
Two 150watt Line 6 Spyder 2 guitar amps, one 300w Ashdown cab & amphead, Pearl ELX kit, Zildjian crashes, Sabian Pro Sonix Ride, Pearl hats, etc etc etc, blah blah blah