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Marc Meyers
Berkeley Heights, NJ  USA
May 06, 2006
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My work is more like poetry in motion,in the folk tradition and perhaps "Folk Rock" I want to share what Im doing with those of you who've been communicators, sharing thoughts, music & ideas. My site showcases some of my work & will include more as I continue to record. It is my hope that you will stop by and explore my work, register & express your ideas on the Message Board. Please check out my music videos as well...
Band/artist history
Born in the early 1950's,Plainfield,NJ, I Grew up affected by the music of Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie. In my teens Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Doo Wop, early Rock & Roll. Began writing in earnest at the age of 9. Poetry paints pictures in an impressionistic way that I relate best. I Began teaching myself Guitar in 1970. Wrote my first songs in 1971. I believe them to be important in some way.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm more of a songwriter rather than a live performer. Although, I've never said no when asked.
Your musical influences
Favorite artists are Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams,Muddy Waters,Sam Cooke, Woody Guthrie,T-Bone Walker, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles,John Lennon,Leon Russell, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic Guitar & Harmonica
Anything else?
I look forward to hearing from the music community & listeners out there. Downloads and listening are for free. Please register & express your ideas on the Message Board.
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