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Order Of Chaos
Order Of Chaos
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Playing NWOBHM style music with some power influences. Galloping guitars and drums. Music to ride to. Right now I am a hobbyist musician but would entertain oth
Things We Do For Love - David Crosby
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Sing Along - Frankie Barranco
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Always With Me - Jesus On The Mainline
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Jealousy - Brandi Thompson
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Regret the Hour - Distance
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Order of Chaos - Metal the classic way. UPDATE: New song added...."Radio". Lyrics and Vocals by Stephen Gyves, all music on Radio composed by Sean O'Neil. Tune it in and enjoy! The four original tracks are Disconnected, Seeds of Chaos, and Walkin' Outside the Lines and now Radio. Radio is a song composed and played by my friend Sean O'neil; Lyrics written and sung by me. Disconnected, Seeds of Chaos, and Walkin' Outside the Lines were all composed and performed (drums programmed) by me. I am a real fan of metal the way it was when it was at its best in the 80's...NWOBHM mostly. I hope you enjoy it. As of now, there are two cover songs in the list as well...'Revelations' originally performed by Iron Maiden and 'Hey You' Originally performed by Pink Floyd. My long-time friend Patrick Sean O'neil composed and performed all the music on those and I provided the vocal tracks. Those are some great covers and we hope you enjoy them. The remaining songs are a collaboration with a band out of Slovenia called Fireine. These are original 'first take' demos from that effort that I simply couldn't leave sitting on the shelf for the rest of my life. So I posted those. Finally...I am starting to branch out to attempt more arranged music such as orchestras, electronica, video game music, and movie score kind of stuff. The Terminator 2 Remake is one example. This is a recreation of the Terminator 2 Title track. That was a lot of fun. I added 21 century bass! Welcome to the page and thanks for coming!
Band/artist history
I am just a hobbiest musician at the moment who enjoys writing his own songs and working on music projects. I have written songs with another band and some of those songs are included here as well. I also played a live ACDC cover gig with a band in San Diego called Sons of Angus. Would be great to find a band to sing with, or I will just continue on with music writing in this or other forms. It sooths to soul.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played with an ACDC cover band a few times live...bar gigs.
Your musical influences
Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Sonata Arctica...it never ends but NWOBHM and Traditional Metal I am partial to.
What equipment do you use?
I use an ESP EX-400, a cheap assed Fender Bass made in China....a Sterling Audio ST55 mic to wail into...and what ever else I can find. Sonar to record, mix and master. Ahh...why bore you with all this.
Anything else?
I am all for finding what it is that makes you happy while making others happy too. Fear of failure never saved anyone.
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