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Killa Swiss
Killa Swiss
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A hip hop fanatic that just makes music for tha hell of it. Tryin' to real hip hop back and show to tha rest tha real hip hop IS alive in tha south, even though
Killa Swiss is from a little town called Helena aka Hell-Town, Arkansas. He claims he's the best in the rap department in this area.
Band/artist history
I'm from Hell-Town(Helena-West Helena), Arkansas, a place where many haven't heard of but I swear you're about to. As far as this music shit, I started writin rhymes when I was 10 years old, after I heard Jay-Z's "Feelin It". Since then my skillz developed and my brother started noticing it when I was about 13. He was rappin' too, and decided to holla at his people about me joining their group, 2nd & Park. Eventually, they noticed how nice I was and let me in tha group. It was Master T(my brother), Evil A$e, Crazy C, Lil' Slug, and Me(K-Swiss at tha time). We recorded a couple of songs but tha group soon disbanded. So, I kept rappin around tha way and in about 9th grade some cats came to me about a group they were starting called Darkcyde Truz. I joined just because I wanted have some music on tha scene. Tha shit didn't work out because tha niggaz were bullshittin' when it came down to actually working on tha music. WE NEVER EVEN MADE ONE SONG! So, I moved on and kept writing and flowing around tha way like I had been doing. In tha 11th grade, my English teacher, Mr. Kelley, who was very into Hip-Hop, came to me and a producer friend of mine named Loonitikk(Loonitikk Productions, Nigga!!!) about starting an after-school program called Hip-Hop Club(which was later called Central Vybe). Of course, I joined and it actually made me a better rapper. In Central Vybe, I met my now producer G-Mac aka DJ Hollyhood aka Average Joe. He and I bonded real good and after he heard me spit, he gave tha Killa that's in my name. The Hip Hop Club was really for me at the time but needless to say, nothing good came of it. What I mean by that is, an album never came out of it. After high school, I went college at DeVry in Irving, Texas but later was kicked out due to me spending too much time on extracurricular activities(if u catch my drift). After I dropped out, I clicked up with tha KDC(Kick Door Click: Tano, Cooch, Philly Phil, Soph, B. Smith, G., Shaun, and Cruz) and these were the only niggaz I grouped up with that were serious with it. They were about doing this rap shit by any means necessary. Due to my being broke and not having a job for tha whole time I was in Texas, I was forced to move back to Arkansas. When I came back, it was all good because my brother was doing his thing with my boi, G-Mac. We clicked back up again and eventually, dropped tha Hoodfellaz Mixtape Vol. 1, featuring some of Hell-Town's finest lyricists and it's bubbling thru Hell-Town slowly but surely. We're making songs now for my album, Under Oath, which should be a Hell-Town classic, and my mixtape, Independence Day: Hip Hop Armageddon Vol. 1. Be on tha lookout for all our future releases!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't anything but talent shows in my town. I love performing live and I won 2nd place once.
Your musical influences
Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang Clan, Talib Kweli, Fabolous, and DSR
What equipment do you use?
A mic, my computer, and Cool Edit Pro