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KAJ, nice rappers, nice beats, new talent
KAJ Productions(Amadeus & Biggie Rich)is presenting a Mixtape Available on the streets aswell as on this page COMING SOON. look for the single, off the mixtape intitled PA 2 GA, called "GUTTA RAP" by Philadelphia's own Arrogance & Cannon Feat. Big Major Of Drop Squad. You may also recognize Young Cannon From Camp Squad. Gutta Rap should be posted in about a week from 5/2/06.
Band/artist history
The mixtape will Display a variety of artist in Atlanta. Cannon Da Beast a.k.a Young cannon and young Q of Camp Squad, Arrogance, Big Major and Trael of Drop Squad, Rod, Relic a.k.a Eclispe Macafee and more to come. Again look out for the single "GUTTA RAP" off PA 2 GA Da mixtape.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live music is the best music ofcourse i like it.
Your musical influences
As a producer, my Dad Amadeus, fisrt and foremost who introduced my into producing and helped develop my craft, is my biggest influence. As a Hip Hop lover, Jay-Z is my Favorite rapper of all time. and im going to leave it at that b/c i try not to be Influenced by to much b/c i want my sound to be my sound, and Amadeus feels the same way.
What equipment do you use?
Mpc4000, mpc2500, fatom X6, Motif ES, And Protools