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Thingtak is an Icelandic band that doesn't really fit into a specific genre...
Thingtak is a 3-piece from Iceland that recently released their first album. Members are: Hrafnkell: Guitar/Vocals Stefan: Lead-Vocals/Bass Sverrir: Drums
Band/artist history
Beginning as an idea in the spring of 2005, Thingtak began practicing and writing songs in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland that autumn. All members originate from the north of Iceland. Thingtak's first record was released on april 8 2006. The album is self-released and the theme takes on the history of the Icelandic society. All 3 members share lyric/song writing credits, as everything composed/written comes from all 3 as a unit. The unique album cover is also designed by members of Thingtak and each copy is bolted together (yes, bolted) and sealed with a paper clip by the band themselves. For further info and album orders mail to: thingtak@hive.is
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Since Thingtak was formed less than a year ago, we've played here and there in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland and in Akureyri in the north of Iceland. We're currently planning some gigs around Iceland and in the UK. We love playing live and prefer it to the studio. We've been told we sound much better on stage than on plastic and we have to take people's word for it!
Your musical influences
We draw influences from many different places: Metal, prog. rock, punk, traditional folk-music, theatre music and so on...Thingtak likes to combine progressive, theatrical melodies with a raw, heavy sound. The lyrics on the album cover the history and atmosphere of the early Icelandic society.
What equipment do you use?
a drumkit, an electric bass, an electric guitar, two microphones and some tube-amps.
Anything else?
Please buy our album:-)