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Mike FuQ
Mike FuQ
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64 Tracks
Mike FuQ - All The Way Up (Money In The Bank 2016)
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01 - Mike FuQ - Entrance (Sumthin Like This)
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Mind Playing Tricks (Remix Verse)
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We Got 5 On It (San Antonio Spurs 2014 Anthem)
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Band/artist history
- Early Dayz: Sept. '01 - Nov. '02 - Life As It Is (2003) - Untitled 2004 - Human Nature (2004) - From The Penn (2005) - Peace of Mind (2006) - Stars Amongst Our State [with Fre$h C] (2006) - Writer On The Block (2007) - Beginning Towards Beyond [Produced by MC2B] (2007) - Fresh, Understanding, Quality (September 19. 2012) ------------------------ - Wrestling Life [TBA]
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live three times. I performed "Teenager" at my high school's 'Pizza Pig-Out' in Oct. '04, and "Check The Rhyme" at my high school's 'Coffee House' in May '05. I've also performed at Penn Commercial Business & Technical School for their 1st ever PC Idol. I received 2nd place (some said I should have gotten 1st). I did "Stand Out", "Waitin' (produced by MC2B), and "The Synopsis". As far as will I ever do shows and be live again, I'm working that out. I just trying to find a way balance my time and be as innovative as possible to allow my music to serve its purpose. I really enjoy doing live performances, because something comes out of me that doesn't happen 'in studio'. I like the shock value of an unpredictable one take.
Your musical influences
Who: Talib Kweli, Chamillionaire, Kel Spencer, Nas, 2pac, A Tribe Called Quest, Mint Condition, Jagged Edge, Rakim, Nirvana, AFI, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fozzy, Vayden, Foo Fighters, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Dave Grohl, almost anyone. What: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Rock, Pro Wrestling, guitars, drums, unique song vocals, almost anything
What equipment do you use?
Lenovo Z710, USB Mic, Acoustica, Goldwave, notebooks, pens, my heart, mind & soul
Anything else?
I would love to combine the best of both worlds and work for a wrestling company in the music department, or just be involved directly within a pro wrestling company. (as a referee, storyline writer, songwriter, music arrangement or music performer. I have been battling within whether or not I wanted to be "famous" when it came to making music. I decided....no. But I won't rule it out. Making music does not have to be my be all, end all way to make money and earn a living. It's a passion and allows me to breathe creatively. And one of the main reasons I am still making music is because I manage to come up with song ideas that no one else is going to come up with.
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