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Mike FuQ
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Mike FuQ - Fedex Peak Rap 2022
A quick couple raps about peak season for Fedex in 2022.
TRACK 12 Dedicated to all the female MCs/Rappers of Hip Hop; past, present & future
Opening Composition
TRACK 1 Produced by Quality Additional scratches and blend mix by Mike FuQ The first rhymes that got penned that started the whole album idea.
21...Ways To Flow
Produced by Quality.
The Grand Scheme
TRACK 3 Beat used: Schoolly D - PSK What Does It Mean? True old school hip hop, where the bass thumps and the quality audio is meant to be less than stellar to raw lyrics.
Band/artist history
- Early Dayz: Sept. '01 - Nov. '02 - Life As It Is (2003) - Untitled 2004 - Human Nature (2004) - From The Penn (2005) - Peace of Mind (2006) - Stars Amongst Our State [with Fre$h C] (2006) - Writer On The Block (2007) - Beginning Towards Beyond [Produced by MC2B] (2007) - Fresh, Understanding, Quality (September 19. 2012) ------------------------ - Wrestling Life [TBA]
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live three times. I performed "Teenager" at my high school's 'Pizza Pig-Out' in Oct. '04, and "Check The Rhyme" at my high school's 'Coffee House' in May '05. I've also performed at Penn Commercial Business & Technical School for their 1st ever PC Idol. I received 2nd place (some said I should have gotten 1st). I did "Stand Out", "Waitin' (produced by MC2B), and "The Synopsis". As far as will I ever do shows and be live again, I'm working that out. I just trying to find a way balance my time and be as innovative as possible to allow my music to serve its purpose. I really enjoy doing live performances, because something comes out of me that doesn't happen 'in studio'. I like the shock value of an unpredictable one take.
Your musical influences
Who: Talib Kweli, Chamillionaire, Kel Spencer, Nas, 2pac, A Tribe Called Quest, Mint Condition, Jagged Edge, Rakim, Nirvana, AFI, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fozzy, Vayden, Foo Fighters, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Dave Grohl, almost anyone. What: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Rock, Pro Wrestling, guitars, drums, unique song vocals, almost anything
What equipment do you use?
Lenovo Z710, USB Mic, Acoustica, Goldwave, notebooks, pens, my heart, mind & soul
Anything else?
I would love to combine the best of both worlds and work for a wrestling company in the music department, or just be involved directly within a pro wrestling company. (as a referee, storyline writer, songwriter, music arrangement or music performer. I have been battling within whether or not I wanted to be "famous" when it came to making music. I decided....no. But I won't rule it out. Making music does not have to be my be all, end all way to make money and earn a living. It's a passion and allows me to breathe creatively. And one of the main reasons I am still making music is because I manage to come up with song ideas that no one else is going to come up with.
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