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start rappin on the local french stages. Yaz mobbin so and so with electro musics and hanging with some sound systems every weeks the live act and the album
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This sound is coming from the future. It's made by mysterious explorations, in real time and on some unknowns areas. Every tracks is connected with magical universe. The reality doesn't exist. Everything you see or touch is holographic and it is just some electric vibes transmit to your brain. And nothing existing out of your brain... I learn how to make music like an expert and so, the quality of sound is good.
Band/artist history
Born in 1977 june the 18th. From a french mother and a father coming from Algeria. He never really see his father who was fighting on the streets in a gang war between Algerians and Gypsies in Strasbourg city. Live is live and not easy for Yaz. He got to know some about a sad reality at the age of 11. This was the first time he got troubles with the Police for a little delinquent act. But things don't stop and more problems comes with the Police for minors. Sometimes for robberys. At this time music was already the more important things for him. He recognize himself through the french punk-rock "Berurier Noir", "Cock Sparrer", "The Clash"... at this time, he was already listen some ol'skool rap but he's calling this "Smurf Music". Age is just a number... and every nights he was mobbin with adults, undercover, by going out of his home through the window. Drinking, skateboarding, rubbering, smoking, partying, pussys playing, posca-bombing-tagging (-Kats- was his first tag and became -Kash-), without any fear on the bus pick-pockets making, LA Gear shoes wearing, wild rushing into Surfer-Skater style clothes shops at night by robbering and windows breakings, blaze but always keep smiling. Slowly, things changed. By having an incredible attract for toasting lyrics on the music. The first time he heard French toast, immediatly he try to imitate! It was like setting free !!! Magic, just like a piece of sunshine, something never touch before. Lyrics toasting exactly means GROWING up for real. Being a real man! With this unik sensation comes the believe of a futur are now existing. Raggamuffin was the first trip (Daddy Yod, The adventure follow and he meet Frankie, a boy who was first a drum player. Coming from punk music or 'cold wave' style... He was talking about to making music. It was an Atari computer who managed a Korg M1 synth, an AKAI S950 sampler and a 4 track tape recorder. Yaz was calling "Manitouh". This was his first name on music. Yaz mobbin so and so with electro musics and hanging with some sound systems every weeks . He put this spirit on his tracks. He never stop to being updated with the new technologies on music creation and production systems. In 2004, he start to produce music on a professional way. Now, we just beginning to understand what's going on. One hand there's the "live act" and in the other side the "promotional" album calling -upset setup-. It seems that many people enjoy this motherfucking Yaz Trax. Theses days is open minded, ready for hearing some kind of original music like this one that Yaz Trax is making... The first official CD album is sheduled for september 2006, with a factory manufacture, plus a large commercial distribution. "Trax Engineering" is the label who's going to be creating. The "oN DER CoNnEcTED" concept is growing everyday more and more... it is a melting spot, something like a power move of connections with all " free peoples" around the world of music... and it's only the beginning!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I push my "LIVE SET" in Sound Systems, free parties, everywhere I can. I enjoy this, it's a main thing to see reaction of the public. Im searchin for DATES and PLACES to play live ...
Your musical influences
TRIBE, rap and mcs, electro-punk, booty, ... there's good music and talented artist in every styles.
What equipment do you use?
P4, Emu, BCR controler, KORG padkontrol, cubase SX, Microkorg vocoder, Shure microphones, Joemeek preamp, + VST : Emulator X, Albino2, ARP 2600, Korg Legacy, Ozone mastering, ... and now I want to start making my own videos.
Anything else?
Im searching for some dates and places to play my Live Set in New York City during my vacation in october 2006... /// ...Do what you want...enjoy what you do...Be Real...
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