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Brotha in Christ
Brotha in Christ
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Jesus is king God is Holy Love peace Bro brothers serenity Grace from God cant be measured Gods worthy of our affection our minds our attention and our motives
stay focused onthe Lord
Today #29 in Christian Rap subgenre
head to moon yung semaj st.jon remix
Peak position #90
souldja fo' Christ
Peak in sub-genre #36
Hi my name is Josh i enjoy holy hip hop and its hard for me to enjoy the worlds music. i used to be a habitual liar and put drugs before God and people. Now i live for God, i tried secular rap but there is no fulfillment in it. i try to reach people that dont have a relationship with Jesus the alpha and omega. i hope that the Lord would speak to you through the lyrics in the music. its not me but the Christ in me that i am able to do this. i am mainly a solo artist. but i like to do collaborations. i try to keep my tounge from saying destructive or sinfull things and i do with the help of the Lord if you listen to my songs i have already said a prayer for you. and i hope you are inspired to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus.
Band/artist history
I had to go solo i can freestyle mos the time with the best of them. And i feel that God wants more from me he wants my mind and heart and He has them.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
ready to play live, ready to perform for fellow believers and bring others close to their creator ...
Your musical influences
crossmovement, and holy hip hop in general,lecrae, flame, precise, corey red, young genesis,Christ-style and whack rappers and haters
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
you can check me out @ myspace http://www.myspace.com/brothainchrist i want to thank all the beat suppliers here on soundclick. i will not use the beats for any kind of profit thanks,Josh
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