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Strong lyricists. A hell of a writer. An artist in truest form, got to hear it to believe it.
Official Bikefest 2010 Music Video - Lady Therile
My name is Lady Therile, I do rap music, hip hop music, and R&B. I am a female music artist and I want to share my vision with the world, and all ears that will listen. I have a strong love for Hip-Hop and R&B. I believe all forms of music share one common ground, and itâs to move the soul with a message and sound, I'm built for this. I am currently creatively securing a permanent spot in the music business. I love to write and produce all kinds of music material, so I am sure that with this talent, as well as my lyrical dexterity, I can achieve all of my goals. So, stick around for a while and listen to some of my melodies. -Lady Therile.
Band/artist history
Lady Therile (Takeysha Bey), was born in Camden, New Jersey and inspired by such major artists as MC Lyte, Queen Latifah & Missy Elliot. At an influential age, she was a member of DATÃââz IT (a three member rap group) based in DC. The group recorded a 3-song demo, which their management presented to and garnered interest from Bad Boy Records. Under the stage name/acronym Hard 2 Hitt, Lady Therile performed at various Hip Hop clubs, open microphone and showcases throughout the DC and Maryland area. After one of the members of the group departed for college. The remaining two members (Hard 2 Hitt & Kidd) continued with the groups musical endeavors. Eventually, due to hard trials and creative differences, the two remaining members decided to disband the group all together. As a solo artist, Lady Therile was introduced to R&B producer Alan Palmer, head of Wire for Sound Records in Landover, Maryland, to possibly sign and record an album. After recording two professional tracks for her solo album, Alan Palmer decided to recommended her to his Hip Hop partner Ãâ✠Big Poppa Nard of Ruff Rhyme Records, (finally taking on the name ÃâÅLady TherileÃâìŒ) and began the production of her first solo LP, ÃâÅTherile Justice." In the end, Lady Therile wanted creative freedom that she could not find with Ruff Rhyme Records. She finally parted ways with the label, still keeping in close contact with her former colleagues. Lady Therile has now found the creative freedom and drive she was looking for with nXphase Records; with this new found inspiration, she plans to take her musical love to a whole new level. Lady Therile
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I do. East-West All Over ! Marley Station Mall (Prosperity Fashion Show) Zanzibar on the Waterfront my first solo live video performance (i'm truly excited) May 27th, 2010 My first Album Release Party at the Ukranian BallRoom.
Your musical influences
Any woman MC doin her thang being original REALISTIC SITUATIONS
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
THERILE JUSTICE IS AVAILABLE NOW. www.nXphaserecords.com www.twitter.com/ladytherile www.facebook.com/ladytherile www.indiecharts.com/ladytherile www.reverbnation.com/ladytherile
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