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I'm not like everybody else...i don't make it rain, i ain't gone bullshit ya, lol...i'm a normal, really in this hard ass world, mufucker and i ain't afraid to
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wuz up...my name is bobby mcGhee...i make beats pretty much 24/7 and i'm steadily gettin' better...i started off playin' guitar, and eventually wuz introduced to makin' beats...at first i tried to make simple rock beats to loop and play too...eventually one of my friends Caine told me how to make rap beats like he did...i eventually found my own way, and began to understand a lil' better what music is all about...a steady beat that keeps ya movin', no matter what kinda music it is...so i started makin' beats about 3 yrs. ago, and been makin' em ever since. i tried my space to get exposure, but i wuz told this is tha place to be...so i'm tryin'...i had a kid at 19...she's 6 months old now...i need some money, lol...simple as that...and i'm tryna make it in this music shit somehow...gotta do sumthin' besides sell drugs, damn sure no 9-5 cuz i can't seem to listen to nobody, lol...only been arrested a couple times tho, once in Florida for some bullshit...and once in Jackson for some bullshit, lol...anyways i got beats, and it's tha heat...so fuck wit me
Have you performed in front of an audience?
nah...just to myself, family, and anybody else who'll listen
Your musical influences
i first liked rap when i heard shit like those old dirty rap songs my sis listened to, and then old 3-6, like slob on my knob, where is da bud?...shit like that, now i listen to 3-6, playa fly, haystak, lil jon, jeezy, shit that's bumpin' nowadays
What equipment do you use?
i got Fruity Loops studio 5 on my comp...and cool edit pro, and fruity loops 4 on my other one...but i hardly drop whole tracks anymore
Anything else?
i write lyrics constantly too...i can flow pretty good...just takes time...and i've had my share
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