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Melodic death metal from Kutina
Kvrga (drums), Mishel (guitar), Glax (guitar) and Dac (bass) started to play some metal music in spring 2004. Since metal isn't so popular in our hometown of Kutina they haven't progressed fast. There were some pauses between rehearsals but the band managed to play more and more covers of In Flames, and made 3 of their own songs. In the autumn of 2005 Koshpa (vocals) joined the band and started writing some lyrics. The bands' first live performance took place at Organizirani Kaos (Organized Chaos) 11 fest in their hometown Kutina, Croatia. The second show that we've played at "Zadar meets Kutina" fest went great eventhough our performance was so to say awful. ;-) We had a great time! By now we shared the stage with the likes of: Entreat., The Plague Mass, Ringispil, Analena, On The Run, Dolibasija, Overflow, E.N.D., Zyon, Gregzeye... ***UPDATE*** We had a lineup change!!! Kvrga (drums) has left the band 'cause he got a job in Zagreb and he wants to graduate finally. Because of that we haven't rehearsed in 3 months so we found a replacement. Brane (17) is our new drummer... ***UPDATE #2*** Yesterday Dac also left the band. He said the doesn't have the will to play anymore, so we're currently without bass player. So if you know any contact us. Oh yes, we're currently very satisfied with Brane. PS Kvrga & Dac stop by sometimes and listen :) ***UPDATE #3*** We found a temporary bass player, Ché, who also plays bass in our friendly band Gregzeye. He will be our session player for indefinite part of time until we find a permanent bass player. ***UPDATE#4*** We finally found a permanent bass player. Kela joined the band and he will certainly add a new dimension to our music. Ché will play his last show with us at Organizirani Kaos 12. We're very thankful for his help ***UPDATE#5*** Finally we have finished recording and production of songs. 3 songs are available for download! Check them out and leave a comment!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played live at Organizirani Kaos 11 in Kutina. It was our first show. Our last performance was at Zadar meets Kutina metal gig!
Your musical influences
In Flames, At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Sepultura, System Of A Down...
What equipment do you use?
Tama drums '96 Gibson Les Paul Classic guitar played on a Hughes & Kettner amp '88 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar with EMG 81 pickups played on a Peavy 6505 amp with Peavy box '04 Sheckter bass with EMG pickups Behringer XM 8500 mic for rehearsals/Shure Beta 58 for live performance
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Detroit/flint type7 194BPM