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Advanced Warning
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Advanced Warning was founded in 1987 round Hammond organ player Herbert Noord and tenor player Rinus Groeneveld. In 1989 famous drummer Pierre van der Linden joined the band. Advanced Warning is playing modern jazz, based on the tenor-organ tradition of the late fifties and the early sixties, but going into a more improvised direction. The group has made a respectable amount of cd’s, toured in Europe and played on well-known festival as the North Sea Jazz Festival. Nowadays the group is focused on recording and producing cd’s. They don’t appear on stage anymore.
Band/artist history
Bio - Advanced Warning. 'Advanced Warning' consists of the following musicians: Herbert Noord - Hammond organ, Pierre v.d. Linden - drums - and Rinus Groeneveld ten.sax. 'Advanced Warning' is based on the tradition of the organ-tenor combinations from the Fifties and Sixties, like Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Gene Ammons, Jack McDuff - Willis 'Gatortail' Jackson and Larry Young - Herbert Morgan. The music of this trio can be characterized as having their roots in the organ-tenor tradition but evaluated to a more modern and contemporary trend. Blues, funky and most of all swing are the distinguished marks of this trio. The CD 'Hi-Fi Apartment', released on the American-English label 'Charly Records' was highly praised by the national and international jazz-press. Guest appearances on this CD are made by Roberto Haliffi on percussion, guitarist Paul Weeden and singer Tommy 'Madman' Jones. The title song was a local hit in London discotheques. One of the song's -The Day Monk Died- was broadcasted more than 20 times by the B.B.C. On the new CD 'Nothing to be afraid of' (again on Charly Records CD 300) the trio is accompanied by percussionist Jeroen de Rijk, guitarist Walther de Graaff and singer/guitarist John Marshall. 'Advanced Warning' with John Marshall played on the Amsterdam Bluesfestival in the Meervaart (Amsterdam), where they brought the audience in high ecstasy with their contagious music. This concert was broadcasted by the Dutch radio. In the autumn of 1990 and spring of 1991 the band had a very successful tour in Germany and Switzerland. Other important highlights of 'Advanced Warning' in 1991 were live-appearances in a Tros program 'Sjesun' on Dutch radio and in a highly appreciated Dutch television-program 'Geen C te hoog'. Another musical highlight was the appearance at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague and the Amsterdam Jazz Festival in Amsterdam. In 1992 the band was on the main stage (4.500 thousand spectators !!) at the North Sea Festival and did another TV special for the Dutch Television. Internationally the band was on tour to Germany again Watch Out for The Jazzpolice was released in Germany in the beginning of June 1994. On this CD you will hear, besides John, Herbert, Rinus and Pierre, the American/Norwegian guitar player Paul Weeden. In 1995 Advanced Warning produced Cut the Crap, that was released at the end of November. Featuring is Benjamin Herman an altosax player who is becoming internationally recognized. In August Advanced Warning had the honor to open the Heineken Jazz & Blues Festival at Rotterdam. In 1997 the cd Hot Mosquito night was released by Via Records In 1999 the cd Hot House was released by LiCoRe records In 2000 the cd Explosion Extra Ordinaire was released by the English Blue Room records The band toured in Belgium, Holland and Germany In 2001 the cd Live at The Amersfoort Jazz festival was released by LiCoRe records The band decided to quit touring and just concentrate on making cd’s. In the nearby future there a DVD might also be released. In 2003 the cd ReGroovable was released by LiCoRe records In 2005 the cd Lemon Juice is released by LiCoRe records More information is also available on our website: www.advancedwarning.nl
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, we don’t play live anymore.
Your musical influences
Larry Young, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Smith, Sonny Phillips, Babyface Willett
What equipment do you use?
Hammond B3 (built in 1961) and Hammond C3 (built in 1958)