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C Quest
C Quest
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C. Que$t
Hey.. What's rite Ya'll? It's ya Main Man C. Que$t. Check me out... I'm from New Jersey.. I've been rappin' for awhile now. . hard on my grind.. check out my songs let me know what you think!!!I work hard to make good music... I love music... it is my life... I'm down to earth so don't be scared to write me... I love Hip-Hop.. Check for me on HBO.. Arturo "Thunder" Gatti uses My song as his Entrance song... July 22,2006 Gatti VS. Baldomir check me out Ya'll
Band/artist history
January 28, 2006 Gatti VS. Damgaard...Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City... "Live" on HBO Arturo Gatti walked out to my song "Thunder". July 22, 2006 Gatti Vs. Baldomir... Same Place... "Live" on HBO He's doing it again...!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done 1 show live at Chez Maree' In Plainfield, N.J... But I plan on doin' alot more soon... The night of that show I was sick with the flu it was my first show but I still went up and did my thang and killed it.. nobody could tell that I was sick....
Your musical influences
I have many Influences... too many to list in fact... My main Influence is My father.. he has made music since before I was born and that is somthing that I can take and make my own... He is classic rock, I am Hip-Hop so we differ a bit but thats where I differ from other Rap artists.. My up bringing was different so I have somthing else to offer....
What equipment do you use?
All I need is a D.J. to play my track and a Mic...
Anything else?
July 22, 2006 Gatti VS. Baldomir... "Live" on HBO listen when Gatti walks out... It's Me..... C. Que$t Thats my song "Thunder"