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the fallen leaves
the fallen leaves
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the fallen leaves are rosie hillman (voice, guitar, percussion, cooking, badges) and matt kassell (bass, piano, nylon string guitar, voice, drums, spelling). we
the fallen leaves are rosie hillman and matt kassell. we write, play and record everything ourselves. rosie plays guitar, writes songs, sings her heart out and sometimes plays a slightly out of time shaker! she also does the cooking, makes badges, gets angry at computers and takes photographs. matt plays bass, guitar, piano, drums, writes songs and sings. he also does the spelling, reads the papers, calms rose down when she gets cross at computers and poses for photographs. we make good, hearty, wholesome, honest, heartfelt, melodic, gentle music.
Band/artist history
we have known each other for years and have always loved, respected and been inspired by each other's music...but last year we decided to join forces and start making music together. we flew off to crete for the summer and had a beautiful time swimming in the sea at sunset, eating spinach pies and tzatziki...AND writing loads of songs that were just dying to be recorded. so we jumped on a plane and came back to barrow and got to work recording the songs in our living room. we've now got a four track e.p. called down to earth (find out more or buy at www.thefallenleaves.co.uk) and have just started work on our second e.p.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
there are very few places we feel comfortable playing live - in pubs we just get talked over...but maybe we'll try again when the smoking ban comes in to action. we loved playing at the nest in barrow recently - we played in the bookshop in the basement surrounded by our friends and family and it felt like our music had found a special cosy home amongst the books and fairy lights! we're playing at the dent folk festival this summer (june 23-25th www.dentfolkfestival.co.uk) and it should be lovely...
Your musical influences
we're influenced by neil young, jackson browne, nick drake, gemma hayes, jose gonzalez, jeff buckley, kings of convenience...
What equipment do you use?
pillows, duvets etc
Anything else?
an extra blanket in winter
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