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Advocate the MC
Advocate the MC
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Real Talk Music, innovative, hip hop, rap, spoken word, cutting edge, pioneer, creative,
Advocate Means to stand on behalf of another. I am standing on behalf of a generation that is fed up with the status quo.
Band/artist history
Advocate With a desire to make quality music that has an impact on the listener to take action in their life, Advocate has rocked crowds from as small as 20 to as large 5000. Most recently Advocate made it into the final round of the legendary Showtime at the Apollo talent competition at the Paramount Theatre that showcased the NW most promising talents. Inspired by the many musical art forms such as Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, and even country, the Advocate fuses together the familiar and the sacred. A true lover of music and lyrics, he's been writing poetry and songs since the awkward age of 12 where like most young MC's, a love for Hip Hop was cultivated early in childhood. Driven by the pain that is witnessed in the youth culture of hopelessness and conformity, the Advocate's desire is to create music that is both foretelling and forth telling, breathing life in a time when so many are speaking death. A veteran of numerous festivals, concerts, and shows, the Advocate aims to make each show a memorable musical experience and journey of emotional of highs and lows. The goal of his writing is to bring joy as well as healing to the listeners worldwide with music that people of all ages can grab a hold to. As a writer, producer and composer, his love for creativity has birthed a great desire to raise up musical innovators and be a change agent for this present Hip Hop culture. He is of the firm belief that passing the baton and empowering others in their talents and abilities is paramount. Talent and ability mean nothing when mis-handled. The Advocate's heart's desire is to set an example of how's it's possible to operate in excellence instead of mediocrity and maintain the trueness to the form, vision and mission.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Clubs Cafes Festivals Parks anywhere where there is a mic to be rocked and a eager people to listen.
Your musical influences
Man Tupac definitely was a man that utilized his words in a powerful manner. I was raised under the influence of his passion, A Tribe Called Quest for their innovation, Propaganda of Tunnel Rats because of his realness, Nas for his gritty truthfulness on Illmatic, Cross Movement for their relentless stance, E-40 for the fun that he had on the mic I could go on and on....
What equipment do you use?
Mic Pen and Pad
Anything else?
Pick up that new Advocate album "Imperative" I guarantee that you wont regret the buy $15 Hit me up 206 984 5570 or email me