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Apollo Fallout
Apollo Fallout
12 Tracks
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We are a widely diverse collective of musicians with various and extensive backgrounds in our crafts. We love to make music and take each other's "ideas" and kind of twist them around, mix them up and try them out. It's what we call "Rubix Musix". : composition/lyrics/guitars/vocals/keys/ harmonica/production: lyrics/composition/vocals/guitar: Drums:Bass: Manager/vocals
Band/artist history
Chris and Paul started this venture back in 1997. Originally we were named "The Worx". We enlisted the services of our beloved yet twisted friend "Hammerhead" on rhythm guitar and the lovely and talented Helen Wheels as lead vocalist. God bless you Helen... We did the usual band stuff for a period of time. Now it's 1999; we changed our name to Alternative Factor and the line up now is Chris, Margo and Paul. We sequestered ourselves in the studio to write and record for what seems like forever and work out 3 projects; our self titled album, Electrocondriac and Methuselah. Pushing our works we receive some limited, local sales and airplay. We begin retooling our sound and style by trying to put more definition to our material while maintaining a common edge that is recognizably "us". Now it is 2004 and time for a change of scenery - Chris and Margo move to Florida. We then had the good fortune to befriend some new musicians. The first one to emerge from the G'ville scene was Randy - vocalist extraordinaire and all-purpose rhythm guitarist/keyboardist. He's a heck of a great compliment to our writing potential too! Then we have added Mike, AKA: Keef Moon, to the band; he is a deceivingly quiet guy until he starts playing the drums. The power is incredible,. He is such a great find, his chops and finesse make him an indispensable asset. On bass we have Terence and he is thunder personified! He has also brought some new songs with him and is going to be a real asset in writing new material. As it stands, the plan is to mix it up playing some acoustic sets and then gravitate to our true purpose - high energy, high volume power rock. Come let us melt your face! -Till Then... Y'all...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have not played live lately. We've been writing and recording.
Your musical influences
folk-rock-alternative-grunge-progressive-metal From John Hiatt to Led Zeppelin, to Hoobastank to Pearl Jam and Dream Theater to Scorpions. A Nimitz class aircraft carrier trying to make an emergency landing at JFK International Airport, at night, in the snow, with no runway lights, no breaks, under hostile fire and, well, you know...
What equipment do you use?
Got a minute...? Gibson, Fender, RIC, Hamer, PRS, Jackson, Epiphone, Peavey, Martin, Ibanez, Ampeg, Mackie, Mesa-Boogie, Carvin, DBX, Lexicon, Neuman, Sennheiser, CAD, Shure, EV, Octava, Ludwig, Tama, Zildjin, Fostex, Line 6, Presonus, Crown, Kenwood, Alesis, Cerwin-Vega, Sony... Logic Pro (on both G5 Quad-core and MacBook), Final Cut Pro, Garageband (loops galore), Waves Platinum, Ozone, many soft synths and AU's (and wrapped vst's) are too numerous to mention.
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