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60's Beach,Surf Rock
WELCOME TO "THE RIP CHORDS" SOUNDCLICK SITE! The Rip Chords are known for their hits, "HEY LITTLE COBRA", "THREE WINDOW COUPE" & "HERE I STAND". In the 60's the original members were Ernie Bringas,Phil Stewart,Richie Rotkin & Arnie Marcus. The group recorded under the direction of Terry Melcher & Bruce Johnston, who also sang on the records with the guys. It was Terry 's great lead vocals and Bruce's great harmonies that propelled "Hey Little Cobra" to the top of the charts. Phil, Richie & Arnie did all of the touring back then,and they performed live in front of millions of fans across the USA as part of "The Dick Clark Caravan Of Stars Tour". The Rip Chords today consist of Richie Rotkin (Vocals and Percussion), Arnie Marcus (Bongos,Percussion,Vocals) Mitch Schecter (Lead Guitar,Drums in the studio,Vocals), Fred Brog (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards) Bobby Scammell (Bass,Vocals)...along with Tony Tuttle (Drums on the live shows)...and Amy Lynne (Additional Backup Vocals,Keyboards,Percussion), and Jumpin' Jaguar Jay Leslie (on Sax!)
Band/artist history
The Rip Chords are known for their 1964 million-seller smash hit "Hey Little Cobra" and their chart hits "Three Window Coupe," "Here I Stand," "Gone," "409" and "Red Hot Roadster" from the Beach Movie "A Swingin' Summer." Produced by the team of Terry Melcher and Bruce Johnston,who also performed on the recordings, the 60's Rip Chords started out with Phil Stewart and Ernie Bringas,who originally called themselves,"The Opposites" Their first hit as The Rip Chords, "Here I Stand" was a chart success and layed the ground work for more hits to come.Rich Rotkin and Arnie Marcus were brought into the band as Ernie was preparing to go to Seminary School. Although Phil, Ernie, Richie and Arnie were photographed together,and spent some time together in the studio,all personal appearances were done by Phil, Rich and Arnie, who performed their hits thousands of times in front of millions of fans across the country. Ernie did return to the band to record,but did not take to the road, as a condition of his seminary studies. The original band disbanded in 1965. Today, The Rip Chords include original touring & recording 60's members, Richie Rotkin and Arnie Marcus along with Mitch Schecter, Freddy Brog, Bobby Scammell, Tony Tuttle, Amy Lynne, and Jumpin' Jaguar Jay Leslie. The band travels the U.S.A., pleasing audiences wherever they perform, sharing stages with Beach Boy Al Jardine,Peter Noone,Ron Dante,1910 Fruitgum Co. among many others. Contact THE RIP CHORDS via EMAIL: theripchordsband@yahoo.com OR.. Contact THE RIP CHORDS via U.S. MAIL At: RFM MUSIC, P.O. Box 61, Southampton,Pa,18966 VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.theripchords.net
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are currently playing great Oldies shows across the Country, sharing stages with original Beach Boy Al Jardine, Peter Noone,The Dovells,The 1910 Fruitgum Co.,Ron Dante,etc. Be sure to visit www.theripchords.net for all touring info!
Your musical influences
Great Harmonies and rockin' Guitars! Surf & beach Music.....we have a love for most things 60's !
What equipment do you use?
Our Guitars are by Fender, Epiphone,Rickenbacker, Danelectro, Gretsch, and a great new Guitar company called "Brazen Guitars". Keyboards By Korg & Casio Microphones By Electro-Voice Our Favorite Drums are by Ludwig...of course!
Anything else?
These new CD's are available now on these fine labels... "The Rip Chords...Today!"..on Spectra/Heritage Records "Cobra Beach"...on Home Room/RFM Records "The Rip Chords...Now!" ..on Collectables Records "Shut Em' Down...Again!"On Collectables Records "At The Drive In"..on PBS Recordings And check out these Holiday CD's out now,that include The Rip Chords' "Hot Rod Holiday" "A Rockin' Christmas"..on Spectra Records "Christmas In America" on Collectables Records The Classic Columbia Albums are currently available on Sundazed Records
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