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Tragic, Tragix, rap, hip hop, florida rap, dirty south,bottom, country grammer, boy with that florida slang! off chain attitude!
Tragic Gangsta rap music dirty durty south Florida raised Kentucky born Son of a... Bitcha Son of a boot legga family of go getta Getta's flows wetta. warped minded sometimes bent to the extreme do anything! If skys the limmit.. No limmits to what i might do! do or die ,thats just my attitude (very rude) tryin to find ways to celebrate i know its comin very soon head line news "ohhh he's so cool lookin ova my shoulda will neva get old as i get olda watchin my back alda time no one else is goin to do it for me. ill see you commin in runin in ,my gatts gunnin what if im wrong that would be so funny "got money " sell somethin ..get me a lawyer set up shop in another country start singin songs from the monkeys to get money im money hugry never full. everything is copy writen so dont get choked cause if you bite my rymes ill snip out ya lights im do or die alda tyme.
Band/artist history
SON OF A BOOT LEGGA FAMILY OF GO GETTAS. my dad was a boot legga in kentucky i lived there till the age of 12 my dad died running from the law as boot legga's do ... He died in a crash. My mother raised three children on her own and we moved to fl when i was 12 in West Palm Beach,fl. my dad was 28 when he was laid to waist,"may he rest in piece" My life has never been easy.That is why i got the name tragic at the age of 14 and later i came up with the meaning of whats tragic," our lives" we all die eventually,that is what it now means to me. when life meets death.also one of our favorite pass times came from bootlegging "racing" seeing who had the fastest cars,so they could excape from the police. i am from a dieing breed! i can bring something so raw to this country gramma game slingin this slang ! I AM MR LARRY JONES FROM KY_TUCKY COUNTRY AS KOUNTRY BORN THERE RAISED IN THE BOTTOM REDNECK WITH THAT RUFFNECK ATTIUDE YA"LL LOVE! YURRRRRRR YEAH OK FEEL ME? I DONT SEE NEARY ONE OF YOU WANNA BE"S TRYIN TO RAPP I LAUGH INSIDE as Im HOLDin IT ALL BACK.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not yett! Im down Enter tha clubb like WHATS UP WHATS UP rite in frount of ya mugg
Your musical influences
tupac ,m&m ,run dmc , beastie boys ,pallwall
What equipment do you use?
Bpm player 4.01 computer few other light programs key boards ect
Anything else?
Im lookin to hook up with some peeps lookin to get a group together I have a producer Kind of In My Family Who plays all instraments i could use as a stand in. i need a dj i have talent but i am in need of someone who has as much talent as me. but in the beat department a "dj" hitt me up &maybe another rappa too hittme up at spittonitt@yahoo.com
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