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Indize latin-rock band
Entre Tus Piernas
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Mira Como Baila
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Sal En La Herida
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Indize is a latin rock band, influenced by several styles. We have been playing for a while, and this year we are promoting our new single "Detras del Silencio".
Band/artist history
In 1994, Julio Avila, Pablo Quesada and Alvaro Quiros decides to create a rock group, by then, with the name of "Urgent Minds". The originating Avilas and Quesada of the national grouping "White Figures". Immediately several musicians were united to them, which went changing until getting to be the present group. Consolidated by approximately but of six years: Julio Avila Ch: Main voice, choirs and acustica guitar; Pablo Quesada R: Keyboards; Juan Picans P: bass; Alvaro Quiros C: Main voice, choirs and acustic guitar; Carlos Escalante F: Electrica guitar; Rafael Montalvo: Drums and percussion. The group since then has made presentations in different parts from the country, sharing platform with groups like Tamgo India, Jose Capmany, Kathe and others. In 1997 it gives to beginning the recording of a CD, but to several internal conflicts, this it is not finished, leaving the recording unfinished and I disintegrate of "Urgent Minds". A year but late decides to meet again with new objectives, new ideas and under a new name "Enemigos Intimos". For the 2002 band it decides to take part from the aid The Battle Of The Bands (the battle of the bands), promoted and organized by the transmitter 107,5 FM, whose end I am made in the National Audience "Museum of the Children". Gaining the first place of between but of 170 bands of national rock, being the prize a production with 1000 units. At the moment for this first project and in ahead, like one vision but professional and commercial, the group once again decides to change its name, sealing it by definitive like "Indize". This production was made in the studies of AudioArte, under the name of "Indize - Detras Of Silencio". For year 2006, after a time of inactivity, the grouping again initiates the promotion of this disc, with two new members: David Irola: Electric guitar and Ariel Orozco: Electric bass.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live, in several bars.
Your musical influences
We have several influencies, because we play a wide range of styles, but primary any latin-rock group.
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