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Froztee is a rapper from the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, check out his crew G.O.R.E. Produktionz and Kaliber Inc
Its Ya boy Froztee reppin tha 727 south florida.. Check tha tracks, leave a comment on the message board and ill hit ya back.. oh yea dont forget to rate em If u Email me dont forget to leave an email address in the message... Check these links for dope Emcees and Producers: Http://www.soundclick.com/infektidlogik http://www.soundclick.com/criptikmindz http://www.soundclick.com/dkap http://www.soundclick.com/mr_rage http://www.soundclick.com/forensix http://www.soundclick.com/statuselite http://www.soundclick.com/torchuress http://www.soundclick.com/goreproduktionz http://www.soundclick.com/coveted
Band/artist history
I was Born in New Orleans, lived all over the world, yugoslavia, greece, puerto rico, boston, new york, mississippi, georgia, i currently reside in florida in the tampa bay area, started writin about 6 years ago, started spittin bout 3 ago, i waz in a lot of groups, all of which fell apart so i decided solo is the best way to go.. an now here i am...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Was the feature Music Performer for Bourbon Streets FLW Tuesdays for several months... Once at The Connection, hit me up at cracka_ill_blaze_u@yahoo.com if you are interested in seein me live or for info about my live shows..
Your musical influences
Three Six Mafia, Gravediggaz, Twiztid, House of pain, grew up mostly on Three 6, who inspired me to wanna flow an make music
What equipment do you use?
My Brain, My Vocal Cords, a Shure SM58 Mic, Fruity Loops, Hip Hop Ejay 5, soon to have some newer n better equipment
Anything else?
Quote from Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs n Harmony: "Don't let the light skin fool you, I will FUCK YOU UP"
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