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SamSun (UK)
SamSun (UK)
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SamSun is an up and coming Rapper from the cold streets of East London with a violent and turbulent style mixed with dark hardcore beats. Mike Grimey adds flavo
SamSun Be the Name lyrical nurture be the game. I have been rapping for around 2 years now with a little help from my right hand man Mike Grimy. We spent the last few months pulling together all our beat making, production and spitting skills to produce the first tracks to hit the streets. I would say my style is old school flavours mixed with hardcore street themes and my own personal views on life. I am in this game not just for the fame but also to spread my word around the world and hopefully open a few minds to the ways of our society. I make political as well as traditional ghetto style grime rhymes, which I think will appeal to all walks of life, especially all you young bruddas who living the real thug life, I know yall can relate to what Im saying. Any preachers or meek hearted peeps best stay with the Jay Zs and Kanyes of this world cause my stuff is liable to offend a few but then I dont give a damn man cause its from the heart so if ya cant take it or you thinks its too violent then go listen to some pop rap cause as far as I am concerned I likes it old school, hardcore. Have a listen to the tracks and see what you think and if you like what you hear then drop me a line Peace to all the true hardworking MCs An F, U, to all the fake ass part-time Gs
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are going to hit all the major shows this year hopefully. You will probably see us around at jump off in kings cross during the summer at one time or another and we planning on getting to as many open mikes as possible so keep ya eyes peeled if you live in the UK.
Your musical influences
Mainly underground rappers like MF Doom as I am not a massive fan of poppy commercial rap I find the ideas behind the lyrics kind of repetitive and boring. I think that rap has begun to become some kind of outlet for rich kids or player wannabees and ballers who got nothing better to do than talk about pure shit like platinum chains and girls. Man all I can say is bring back the original days of Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep style, because im getting bored of this bland rap, cats be bringing out today. Come on people lets revive this game and restore it to its original true state of play. The rap game should be about what it was when it started, a release, a way to communicate, an outlet for those who grew up in the true grime of the hoods of our world. It should not be an excuse to boast about how much money or fame you got.
What equipment do you use?
Sure mikes, Roland Midi controllers, PC with Cubase, Ejay and various other software programs as well as the usual stuff like pop filter and mike stand etc.
Anything else?
Check out Mike Grimey's page at: soundclick.com/mikegrimey