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Geoff Bullock
The latest songs from Geoff Bullock, formally from Hillsongs Australia, writer of The Power of Your Love; I will never be the same again; This Kingdom and other
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From the 1995 album "The Other Side"
04 Draw Me Closer
01 Watching Over Me
Wild and Amazing
This is a co-write with the celebrated songwriter Janine Max. It is a heartfelt cry and celebration of grace.
Unfailing Love
Hymn that reflects on the love of gGod
The new songs from Geoff Bullock, formally from Hillsongs Australia, composer of "The Power of Your Love"; "I will never be the same again"; "This Kingdom"; "Refresh my Heart" etc.
Band/artist history
Geoff Bullock, Australian Singer/Songwriter, formally from Hillsongs Australia
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Better than playing dead
Your musical influences
Early Hillsongs,Beethoven, Bach, Beatles, Billy Joel,Crowded House, Missy Higgins, Yes, Supertreamp
What equipment do you use?
Me, a piano and a piano stool... then there is Cubase SX3 and a microphone and heaps of re-takes!
Anything else?
Still writing after all these years. Why not visit my Blog http://geoffbullock.blogspot.com/
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Another very powerful rewrite, There is so much depth here words are not explicit enough, The first song lovely this is lovely and goes way deep to The Lord Himself love it and Thanks.
Amen to the above comment. I have always loved this song anyway and this new version is very powerful and true. (as are all the amended songs) Thanks Geoff and we have no idea how hard things where but are being blessed by the fiery gold. Blessings heaps.
Listened to both versions and found the 2nd one starts off to say how much You love me... then ends how much I love you. Having a profund impact on me today... "You've found me in my desert this sand is holy ground and my brokenness is mended by you, my Lord and friend". How is it possible? How did it happen? That I could have forgotten How much You love me? How could I have been so blind? How could I have missed it? So absorbed in me' That I forgot all about you? I'm sorry Lord For putting you aside For turning away from you For keeping you waiting You stayed by my side You continued to love me You promised to mend my brokenness You continued to love me Today my heart turned to you This song called to my heart It reminded me that You love me No matter what I have done You still love me I am truly grateful Thank you Lord I love you too My heart is mending...
This is such an inspiring song, makes me feel grateful for God's mercy and love in my life. Geoff has known the deepest nights and yet can come out praising God which is wonderful. Watched a Swedish movie "As it is in heaven", pastor's wife tells her husband that sin was invented by church to control people. God only loves, never condemns. Church who condemns. Be good to hear more messages of God's love than God's condemnation!
A prayer for this song may be: God, please teach me that You love me; help me to understand that I am loveable..."
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