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Razor Red
Razor Red
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Heavy Metal Band From New Brunswick, High Key Vocals and Melody!
Ride The Spider
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Unleashing The Wrath
Peak position #48
A Magnet To Trouble
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Sirens of the World
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Hi, This is Daemus Simon(Song Writer, Lead Guitar and Vocals). My passion for heavy metal started at a fairly young age, I had a very cheap acoustic guitar when I was 10 years old and I guess it drove me harder to learn to play the instrument. Then I got my first electric guitar at 13-14 years old,which then I held it with such pride and honor, nothing could pull me away from the guitar. I started writing short samples,lyrics and melodies. I met my other guitar player when I was 10 (Wayne Caissie)and from there on we just jammed out on buckets and that "cheap acoustic"I mentioned earlier. I wrote some original music at the time,but mainly we played alot of Slayer,Kreator,Judas Priest,Sepultura and even the faster gruesome stuff such as Cannibal Corpse. When I hit 15 thats when my taste for true heavy metal became uncontrolable, I was introduced to this fine band in 1995 called Helloween(The Early Helloween),which blew me away,and around the same time another band called Riot, the album was called Thundersteel(based in New York). So ya,Those bands played a real big part in the way I right music to this day. We went through several band names and many bass players and a few drummers growing up here in the maritimes. It was tough to find dedicated and great musicians of this genre. I now have a great bass player in the band(Mario Ferrari), he handles this style very well and caught on real quick. Im 23 years old right now,and we are currently rehersing and hope to play some live gigs soon.....Razor Red
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live, It is a whole lot fun, I love to crank the amps and make sure the vocals are always at there best. We are currently rehersing and getting ready for some live shows, I will definitely let you know when live shows for Razor Red are upcoming!!
Your musical influences
Judas Priest was one of my all time influences, then along came Helloween,and Riot which influenced me in that area of music. Other influences were Motley Crue,Gamma Ray, Annihilator,Kreator,King Diamond,Rhapsody,Megadeth,Iron Maiden,Stratovarius,..etc
What equipment do you use?
Im quite big into Crate Amps and Shure Mic's although there is this new amp that came out a little while ago which is phenomenal for recording at home ,its called Line 6 Spider Amps, I think I'm gonna get one soon!
Anything else?
We are from New Brunswick. Daemus Simon(Lead Guitar, Vocals and Songwriter) Wayne Caissie(Rhythm/Harmony Guitar) Mario Ferrari(Bass Guitar) and we are currently working with a fantastic drummer(James Kervin).(the songs on this Site were recorded at home using a drum machine).
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