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Rav Bhamra
Rav Bhamra
1 Track
Combines a mixture of different cultures using some contemporary styles of music. Main influences come from a band called The Dhol Foundation (TDF Records).
PasiĆ³n de Dholi (Dholi's Passion)
Peak in sub-genre #23
For many years I have been fascinated with music and the technical aspects involved, such as production and engineering. Guidance from family members working within the industry has motivated me to learn more about the studio environment. The first instrument that captured my imagination was the Tabla a classical Indian drum. I spent one year learning the Tabla before my musical horizons were broadened. I witnessed an inspiring performance by The Dhol Foundation (TDF Records), a group of percussionists who specialise in playing the Dhol an ancient Indian drum. I was excited, passionate about drumming and eager to learn. As I grew in confidence and ability I began touring overseas and performed in countries such as France, Belgium and all over the UK. My most memorable gig was in Belgium at the Dranouter Folk Festival because it was the first time I played with a full live band rather than backing tracks, and all i saw was a sea smiling faces looking up at us in excitement. i have been playing the dhol for 8 years, and recently began producing. Have a listen and i would appreciate any kind of feedback. Theres only one track up for now, but more will be uploaded soon. Thanx If you like what u hear, you can contact me at... ravalicious@hotmail.co.uk
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes - At weddings and clubs, performing is something i really enjoy and am passionate about!