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Ascend is heavy and very metal, so you call call it heavy metal. however you would be wrong because Ascend are also original and have many influences from outsi
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Ascend are a heavy metal band from Bristol, UK. They have been together for a year now but the lineup has changed dramatically and it has taken its time to all come together but they have now reached that point.
Band/artist history
In January of 2005 a man named Dan Nobile was idly browsing through the interweb in the hope of finding some interesting guitar tabs to learn. 'Sigh, I so wish I could find what I am searching for', he lamented. 'But no one else has ever even heard of my favourite band AKO, let alone spent time working their music out'. But on this day, Daniel was wrong. Deeply, deeply wrong for after a short browse through some tab website he came across www.ultimate-guitar.com, which contained an AKO tab. 'What's this?' he pondered. 'An AKO tab? What spiffing luck I have! I wonder what sort of jolly fellow created such a marvelous thing'. He did not wonder for very long, as at the top of that tablature was an email address. 'Hmm', he hmmed. 'I shall add this person to my msn acount on the off chance that this person also has msn'. And so the following night Daniel Nobile first spoke to David Baker via the medium of the internet, and they became good pals after realising many a coincidental similarity shared between them, such as; the same guitar, the same effects pedal, the same guitar teacher and the same music taste. When asking said guitar teacher (one Ben Christodoulou) about Daniel, Ben's instantaneous response was 'Dude, you should form a band!'. And so Dan and David met in person and got along famously. They then formed a band with Dan's good friend Gabbi on lead vocals. Since then they have open mic'ed and done several low quality recordings. For a time Ascend had someone named Aaron on bass guitar, but then he dissapeared mysteriously, it is feared that he fell pray to spontanious combustion or death by daring, we may never find out. This 'Aaron' figure has since been replaced by David's friend James Goldsack, who was kicked out his former band "SideshowDolls" for being 'too metal'. Ascend found a drummer in Gabbi's friend Tom Gavriel, be assured that he dares, however Tom is a very busy man, and so decided it would be best if he left the band. Gabbi then decided that her vocal stylings are not best suited for their music, and so had left Ascend, but she has recently returned on keyboard and backing vocals. Dan takes over on lead vocals with David and James now doing backing vocals. James has taken over guitar alongside David, they plan great duel solos aplenty. Ascend have now found a new drummer in Nick Rackham, he's as metal as they come (double bass drumming anyone?). After a rehersal the band were sure they'd found someone daring enough. Finally after months of searching Ascend have found a new bassist in the form of Kaz (ex SideshowDolls), and she does indeed dare. And that my children, is the story of Ascend, enjoy the music...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The set is now complete and gigs should be arranged soon.
Your musical influences
AKO, Ben, Shadow-Law, N.W.S, Mea Culpa, Ella, Bullet For My Valentine, Anemic, Trivium, Placebo, Dream Evil, System Of A Down, Metallica, Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rammstein, AC/DC, Killswitch Engange, Sevendust, Queen, Meshuggah, Dream Theater, Opeth, Arch Enemy...