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The Hookup Inc
The Hookup Inc
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The Hookup Productions official site. Beatsmith and artist development. Xander and the new school of Northwest rap r&b and hip-hop on the west coast. We got th
Welcome to Tha Hookup Productions soundclick site. Check out our instrumentals from our team of beatsmiths. If you hear something you like we can work out a deal for you depending on your project (free or for hire). Contact us for custom beats and prices no one can match. Nothing is to big or small for our talented producers!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our songs are played live by our artists. We love to work with anyone and help develop their act.
Your musical influences
Expect the new sound of the Northwest. Many rappers here in the Seattle area try to sound like what is already out, trying to make a dollar and not trying to really change the game. Hip-hop is dying because everyone is trying to sound the same to sell out on a few records. Our philosophy is be different and wait for people to catch up to you. In the words of 50 Cent "the shit is changing, all that fucking bubblegum shit niggas is singing on every record that shit is not gonna be effective much longer."
What equipment do you use?
Contact us, if we work with you then you'll see behind the scenes in the beatmaking process.
Anything else?
You can hate the artists we work with but we don't care. When you drop truth on the people it becomes exposed for what it is...raw truth. If you are an aspiring artist, we would love to show you some of our best work. If you can use our services we can work out a development deal with you involving little upfront costs. We want to grow with you! All beats on our Soundclick site are rough demos, if you want to use any beat we ask that you contact us so we know the people out there who are serious. You promote Tha Hookup Productions by using our beats and we'll showcase your tracks throughout our websites. Any beat you get from us will be totally mastered and can be totally exclusive to you (no one else can have it). Anything else? Just ask and we are pretty flexible to work with. Collaborations are welcome too.