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David Derbes
David Derbes
Pottsville, PA  USA
May 16, 2006
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NOTE: I've added some piano "instrumental only" songs on my music page. They are labeled as Piano in the title. Most are located towards the bottom of the page. Hi everyone! I'm a 49 year old part-time musician/songwriter with several years of various experiences. My ultimate goal is to have some songs published and recorded. All recordings of the songs were recorded with a simple cassette tape recorder. I'll try to keep the "News" section updated as things develop.
Band/artist history
I really don't have a band. I'm just doing the church gig and freelance work. In my late teens and early 20's I played in a few rock bands in the Pennsylvania and Baltimore areas.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play weekly at church, a few times a year with our local symphony orchestra and some other freelance percussion, drumset or keyboard gigs. I'm a music director at church, where I've been for 20 years. I have two wonderful choirs and a great classical tracker organ to play. I also write some music for the choirs.
Your musical influences
This is huge.... it goes from Chant to today's music. I'm not a polka music fan. My main influences are rock, jazz, classical and country. I recently found I like country as it still allows for decent writing with melody and harmony. There is an understandable story and.... it feels good.
What equipment do you use?
Slingerland drums.....old ones. Alvarez acoustic guitar. Cable and Sons baby grand piano.
Anything else?
I hope you like my music.
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