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Ric Veda
Ric Veda
65 Tracks
Indie Folk Dub. Ric Veda Loves You
Indie Folk Dub. Ric Veda Loves You to watch a performance/interview of Ric Veda, follow the link below: http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid824577904/bclid823374317/bctid1078950826 random quotes about our music: "I really like the lof-fi harmonium stuff....bizarre and beautiful....like Sigur Ros w/ a folk twist." "you're a neutral milk hotel,bob dylan,and fela kuti burrito.but its all you inside.very original.its absolutely ear drum numbing." "The Doors man, the Doors." "you've created your own genre of music here! ... Cold Play [sic] fresh back from India. Wow! I can feel the spiritual essence of it ... Ric Veda is hypnotic... " "It sounds like what would happen if Sigur Ros and Devendra Banhart were devotees and recorded all lo-fi in India w/ modest gear. I love it. It's peaceful and minimally epic.
Band/artist history
Ric Veda started playing around LA in 2002 with the Temple Bhajan Band, where he learned how to sing sanskrit bhajans and play various indian instruments. He very soon after started playing solo shows comprising of harmonium, vocals, ektar and sometimes guitar, playing songs by great songwriters such as woody guthrie and pete seeger, arranging his own versions of traditional folk/gospel songs, and also playing his own original compositions. Ric Veda's current songs are reflection of all come to pass; from the spiritual indian devotional bhajans and the authenticity of traditional folk songs, to the honest punk attitude and acoustic breakbeats. Ric Veda combines these genres and more to create a new kind of music that could only exist now in this age: with the knowledge of all music (past, present and future) and all spiritual teachings (past, present and future) now available to all of us.
Your musical influences
though influenced by traditional music (whether Woody Guthrie for american folk, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for Qawwali, Bhagavan Das for Indian Chants, George Naope for Hawaiian, Fela Kuti etc..) we also love modern rock bands like U2, Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire, along theatrical thought-provoking acts like Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan, and modern folk like Elliot Smith and Devendra Banhart. This combined with experimental elements of Dub, Soul, Hip Hop, and Breakbeats all come together to form the music we make.
What equipment do you use?
Ric Veda (harmonium, vocals, ektar, guitar); j stare (drums, percussion)
Anything else?
plenty of songs available for downloading over at www.ricveda.com. Please also visit ric veda at http://www.myspace.com/ricveda http://www.purevolume.com/ricveda
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