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Inside the Roaring Lyrical Coroner King God Producer of the RedRum Sound BagMona for DreamStarRaMilitia...
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Beware (Murderur RedKill)
Presented by DreamStarRStudios - "Light Years Ahead of Our Competition; Beware and Condition, Before You Fathom Our Recognition..." So Imagine a time where the living dead was all that be; the conscience of the population is incomplete, you're living in the city where air waves are full of parasites and disease lyrically as well as subliminally. Then you hear a mighty roar "Booooo from all of DreamStarR Crew"!!! Well open ya ears in the darkest hour of darkness to the eminence, voices, and RedRum Sound of DreamStarRMilitia. This Authentic Group of Pioneers from well within the depths of the UnderGround Scene and Sound officially releases It's Debut of da Militias' well sought after recordings and singles.
Band/artist history
Some of you may know DreamStarRMilitia and some of you may not; but no matter your level of exposure to da Militia, DreamStarRMilitia and DreamStarRStudios have been creating tidal waves all over the world since 1987. DreamStarR is light years ahead of their competition! In 2005 when the Roaring Lyrical Coroner King God Producer of the RedRum (Killer Sound) "BagMon" met the Grim Reaper & Angel of Death when it comes to the beat "D.J. ManajiTha" it was their inevitable calling to combine their performing, recording, styles and skills as well as our Armed Poets in Motion (Artists) to start producing, exploring, and pioneering new frontiers of sound.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes... UnderGround Club scenes. With all our Heart and Blood. The night RahTiger was performing at ConansPub and out of nowhere the crowd started lining up Heinekens at the edge of the stage for him; and just when we thought we had seen it all the females present that night started putting dollars in his waistline as if he was a stripper. In our eyes (da Militia) he earned the name "BagMon" that night which was his single he was performing at the time... Thats what he means when you perform, you perform, give them their moneys worth; and I have to admit when his reverse murder "RedRum Sound" evolves no one can resist in the DanzHall. He has this stage presence thats unbelievable...
Your musical influences
GodSmack, Sizzla, Jigsy King, Capleton, Bounty Killer, KillSwitch Engage, NickelBack, Everton Blender, Buju Banton, Slayer, 3 Doors Down, Stone Love, Tupac, Linkin Park, Luciano, DMX, Afrikka Bambatta, Disturbed, Offspring, Busta Rhymes, Mystikal, Method Man. Tom Petty, Elvis Crespo, Beenie Mon, Shaaba Ranks, Don Yute, Merciless, Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw, Killing Sheep, UK Apachi, Shy FX, Wayne Wonder, Richie Stephens, Frankie Paul, Barrington Levy, Bob Marley, B-legit, Drowning Pool, Three6Mafia, Incubus, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, ScarFace, Ghost, Mad Cobra, Spragga Benz, Three Days Grace, Rob Zombie, 2 Live Crew, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Harry Toddler, Tech Stitch, Captian Barkey, Stevie Wonder and Jam Pony Express...
What equipment do you use?
Tascam Digital Tracking Board, Ensoniq ASR-10 Keyboard, Triton Keyboard, Peavey Compressors and DeltaFex, Shure Microphones, Sony DAT.
Anything else?
In Love and Light Respect Due to: Jah, DreamStarR, GhostClown, L.C.V., Gypsy Jokers, Heiress, BillieJoe, Julie, Lisa, Eve, Savage, Javon, Sinistur, Dead Mon, Wendy, Porter, LadyLuck, Lone Heart, Asshole, Vengeance, "E", Wizard, Biker Ben, Black Widow, Krazy, Kane, Amazon Robyn, Digger, lil BamBam, Porter, Sheila, Don D, Gino, Doug, Lena, JoJo, PeckerWood Dave, Tiare, Jennifer,A.J., & Mollie, Trish, Jake, Mary, Wolf, WheelChair Kevin, Girl Jessie, Naveen, Girl Chaz, Loyalty, Cadillac Chris, Bau, CuCu, Vanity, Katrina, Joker Fxxk, Grams, Uncle Shane, Pearl, Haille, Jabreelah, Peaches, Jia'Nette, Charniece, Beverly, J.B., Lion, Ziggy, HandGun, Fingas, Top Ranks, Spider, Squeeze, Dynamo Sound, L.A. Sunshine, Blaize, Madd Joker, Danny Red, De Eye, Mamma Roots, Daddy Dreads, Jah 1, BlowFish, Angel, Pretty Boy, Kenten, Leroy, Rockers DanzHall, Ghost Town Studios, Highlander Int'l Sound, Stone Labor Records, Recycled Sounds, NewBorn Tribe, Trinity Sound, Un Deseo Momino, Romeo, Najam, Makail, Loba, Indio, DJ Pike, SickBoys, Sinaloa, Pico Nuevo, Lincoln Park, Gangsta Ern, Chosen Few, Jah Dragon, Alabama & Julie, Pearl, the Blind D.J., D.J. Cowboy, K.J. Rockwell, D.J. Foxworth, Fada Don, Galaxy Glenn, Killing Sheep Records, and of course my Mom...
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