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IE tha Alliance
IE tha Alliance
3 Tracks
I.E. Get Familiar Wit It
It's I.E. hea' man tha general of tha Alliance. Unsigned Hype, expect it and respect it doggie straight outta Bad Newz, Va. Industry threat, and i'm bringin nothin but bangaz to tha table. I rep all ova though, DT music out in Canada, mah boi Dezzi out in Va, JCK, Shaddoe, DGat, mah homie DRich, Rae'Joel (first ladi), and alotta othas out Va. Tha Alliance is not a rap group or a band, its a collective hustle of independent artist tryina be heard, and tryina get in tha game ya heard me. We all stand alone, but when we spit and represent together its its its its its tha Alliance ya undadig...stay tuned in real close to ya speakas though, i ain't jus got hot 16's - i make classics famlay. Real music no homo, hot shyt all day long and i can pump out trax like people pump gas on a daily - i'm nice. Scream at me if u don't believe, n'e beat that n'ebodi got i will murder that joint, trust. I'm makin moves now, i got joints all ova tha 7 cities in Va, Baltimore, Akron, W.Va, N.C., N.Y., L.A., Jersey, Cleveland, Michigan, jus ta name a few but yeah Get Familiar Wit It mahn, it's i.e. in ya area...one
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I spit live, i have in tha past and i still do. I've done shows in all of tha 7 cities in Va, and in Jerz ya heard me - scream at me.
Your musical influences
Too mani but i'll give a few....Makaveli(2Pac), C-Murda, Mac, One Man Army(unsigned), Severe(unsigned), Joe Budden(on top), Peedi Crackk, Weezi F Babeh(please say tha babeh), Juelz, Fab, Cain, Hova, Cass, tha whole LOX(354), Snoop, Tha old No Limit, Beans, Banks and tha's jus a few...
What equipment do you use?
Eurotrak Mixer, Dell PC, Cakewalk, Fruiti Loops, Behinger(sp), CAD condenser mic, and mah muhf***in voice box
Anything else?
Fa'real fa'real, realli real fa'real fa'real mahn, i'm hea' it's IE. People know me, I'm kind'uv a big deal...haha fukin wit'chu scream at tha kid if yall wanna get this money i can get it for u. Tha slimmies love me, tha gangstas love me, tha thugs love me, ya momma loves me...i can make'er shake 'er old ass and have a good time. 2 all tha heads tha's skippin ova all this, playin it coo cause u rich and think u can spit betta - all i need is one, ya heard me...and i'm comin for ya spot and ya papa...save up now, and invest n' some shyt. I work hard, and mah whole team is screamin i deserve this...all i need is one wit two ears, and i'm takin it. I split ends wit mah fam like damaged hair...let's get it...
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