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Frank Axtell
Jazz/Rock/Fusion guitarist, Blues, Jazz fusion, funk, acid jazz, rock, guitar rock, instrumental rock, progressive rock fusion, jam band, bebop, acid jazz, nu j
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Cloud Nine
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Looking For Love
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Green Light
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Not Looking Back
Music by Frank Axtell. Lyric by Frank Axtell. Frank Axtell 2012 All Rights Reserved WARNING : Unauthorized distribution is a violation of applicable laws
Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers
Frank Axtell 2009 With over two decades in the music industry, Frank Axtell is a renowned guitarist, composer and teacher and is a major contributor to the south Florida jazz-fusion scene. He performs with his own jazz ensemble, The Frank Axtell Quartet. He toured extensively in the mid 80s along the Atlantic coast and Europe & has recorded on the West Coast at San Franciscos The Record Plant. Thankfully he has decided to make south Florida his home. Frank attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has always taken his continuing course of musical evolution seriously, learning from prominent guitarists Vincent Bredice, Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, and Jack Wilkins. In 1990-91 Frank served on the faculty at Miami Dade Community College. He has performed guitar clinics and teaches guitar and electric bass at Digital Soundscapes Studios, West Palm Beach. Currently, with over 40 private students, Frank owns and operates his own multimedia recording studio, Digital Soundscapes where he produces many local artists in addition to composing and engineering his own projects.
Band/artist history
The band was started as a trio and eventually became a quartet. The band has had a series of great musicians such as Miami keyboardist Abel Pabon and Venezuelan drummer Gustavo Calle. The current line up includes Lewis Rainbow on drums, Randy Ward on fretless bass and Paul Banman on keyboards.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I do play out live at festivals and special concert performances. Performing live is always a gas.
Your musical influences
Joe Zawinul Wayne Shorter John Coltrane Miles Davis Chick Corea Jimi Hendrix Gonzalo Rubalcaba Vincent Bredice Carlos Edwardo Arellano John McLaughlin J.S.Bach Igor Stravinsky Bela Bartok Jaco Pastorius Charlie Parker Tribal Tech Pat Martino George Benson Micheal Brecker U.K. Brand X The Beatles Trilok Gurtu Yes Jeff Beck Herbie Hancock Frank Zappa Jimi Hendrix Mike Landau Shawn Lane Trilok Gurtu King Crimson Scott Kinsey Joe Diorio Jaco Pastorius Ravi Shankar Airto Moreira Flora Purim Scott Henderson Joe Henderson Sonny Rollins Bud Powell Jimmy Bruno Vic Juris Jeff Berlin Vinnie Colaiuta Wayne Kranz Bad Finger Brian Auger John Scofield
What equipment do you use?
Music Hardware The guitars...83 Fender strat with 1968 pickups, Bill Nash relic 57 strat, San Dimas Charvel strat, Gibson ES 775 archtop, 70's Gibson Les Paul Custom, Taylor BZ 714, 2006 Gibson ES 335. The amps... John Suhr PT OD 100, Fender Vibro King, 1959 HW Marshall Plexi Super Lead 100 with 1960 Marshall AX 4x12, 1970's Marshall JMP MkII 50 watt with Old Marshall 1970 4x12 Slant Cab with 25 watt Celestion greenbacks, 2 Marshall Silver Jubilee's, Peavey 5150, 66 and 65 Fender Blackfaced Super Reverb amps, Fender Deluxe Reverb, 70 and 71 Fender Princeton Reverb, 2 Peavey Special 130's, The pedals... Xotic BB preamp, Xotic RC booster, TS9 Tube screamer, Maxon OD9, Electro Harmonix memoryman, Arion SC-1 chorus, Lexicon PCM 80, Carl Martin compressor, Chandler Stereo Digital Echo, MXR (70's skript logo) Dyna Comp for recording, Cry Baby wah. The recording gear... Apple Dual 2.7 Ghz G5, Apple MacBook Pro 2.33 Ghz 17", Logic Pro 7 (all mixing and effects are done in Logic), Logic Express, Korg 01WFD as keyboard controller, Shure SM 57 mics, Presonus Firepod, Motu Micro Lite, Mackie HR 824 monitors, AKG K240 Studio Monitor headphones.
Anything else?
Thanks to my good friend and guitar amp/pedalboard guru Steve Siciliano at Palm Beach Guitars for helping me get great guitar tone. www.palmbeachguitars.com
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