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Bowling League
Bowling League
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Bowling League combined solid rock fury with melodic, catchy, often sarcastic and witty song writing. Several orientations we gone through which included some keyboards, a few guitarists and a drum machine at the end, but the bulk of the material produced is what could be called "Indie Rock" it's catchy, I don't know what else to say about it.
Band/artist history
Mark Miller once had a good thing going with a band called "Kids Eating Pizza," but had to relocate to another part of the country for a while. By the time he returned the former members of KEP, which had been a synth-punk band had branched off to form an experimental insturmental project called "Nakano." After returing to the solo acoustic open-mic circuit for a while "Bowling League" was formed. In the grand scheme is was somewhat of a rebound project. Which satiated some performance needs until Mark eventually found a new identity as MARKITECT, a totally solo computer punk artist. Bowling League produced several limited releases recorded on the fly in basements. Most of these recordings are currently or soon to be available.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No Longer Playing Live, We exist solely as recordings.