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Elephant Shelf
Elephant Shelf
london, United Kingdom
March 31, 2006
8,001 plays
Led by guitarist songwriter extraordinary Vicky Martin the Shelf has wowed audiences all over London. Described by Gavin Martin of the Independent as 'The most exciting new live act I've seen in years., their red hot but eclectic R&B is based on a truly enviable pedigree. Just look at these names; Jimi Hendrix, who met and talked to Vicky at the Manor House North London '...way way back...' she says, 'and I've never forgotten what he told me'. Eric Clapton, Brian Jones, Ian Anderson all of whom met and influenced Vicky. Yet there is even more, the band's multi-instrumental genius Diana Stone worked with Elton John, Johnny Winter, Hawkwind and Roy Harper. 'I hope that when people listen to us they can really hear the stuff that all those great musicians passed on to me. Vicky's great hero is Keith Richards and Vicky says "Keith has always played real music and stayed true to it, I hope that Keith would recognize that Elephant Shelf are treading that same road. Space doesn't permit us to tell you about the exciting pasts of Terry McInerny, Rob Charles, and Dan Foster the rest of the Shelf's extraordinarily talented line up - but go to the web-site and you'll be amazed to see who they've met, who they've played with and who has actually played with the band. But the above is just a taster, come to one of the bands numerous and wildly exciting live gigs and get the full flavour Elephant Shelf is managed by Shelflife Productions ltd
Band/artist history
The band has played around 300 gigs over the last 3 years, the core personnel has stayed the same.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes 3 nights a week we are out gigging in North London
Your musical influences
Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, A bit of country blues and some swing influences creep in. We like roots music of all sorts. We also do a couple of reggae tunes too just to really confuse you all
What equipment do you use?
Too Much LOL :)
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