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Bless The Assassin
Bless The Assassin
2 Tracks
Bless The Assassin will rock your cotton socks off! and open your eyes and ears to the beauty that is MUSIC.
The Gas Works
Peak in sub-genre #80
Peak in sub-genre #61
Bless The Assassin have come to reddem your ears and eyes, you got to catch them live ,you wont belive your ears or your eyes , cause the time will float on by.
Band/artist history
BLESS THE ASSASSIN BIOGRAPHY Hello People of the world, a new horizon is impending, New magical wizards have graced the earth and BLESS THE ASSASSIN are ready to unearth the new found sound,New songs are recorded and after numerous caravan sessions of music, Wine , Laughter, we have decided to put some great songs on here for you to download,Rybka started the band in early 2005 and it has changed a little and grown like a warm blooded creature in to an exciting wild "music ape" kind of thing! As Rybka trawled the back streets and bleak canvases of the North-Western towns searching and unearthing new musical finds, many paths were crossed and in finding solace in the outskirts and nature,Realtionships were lost and found and musical direction beckoned, After meeting Steve at a Chippy and the words "Bless The Assassin" floated from the mouth the band had a name, as Steve and Rybka had been in Bands before and were Scum Brothers anyway the next logical step was to start the rolling process,Rybka played as a three piece for awhile though the songs were good, connections were affray and after six months the drains opened and Solace was a a great friend. Then in December 05 Things Changed. The new line up consists of a slightly demented young blooded blonde Viking called Steve "Sewer" Harrison on Guitar and Vocals who has been a scum brother and have know each other when we used to jump through fires at the tender age of 15/16 up at the local cemetery, On drums is a man with the name of "Adolph Hill" real name "Dave" as the mighty drummer pounds his skins for all there worth, also been there sine the tender age of 13/14 and has grown each banging year with strength and persistence and he and Rybka was the ones who were in a band at school and beyond. If you meet this guy enjoy the Laying down of facts!! The guy we call Ricardo"motherfucker"Hansen, this time bomb eh, He likes blasting out his Bass and Hanging of the back end of Horses and blowing fire, whilst moshing. Digs all things like Tea and "Lemon" and loves the phrase after violating your human rights "How do ya like those apples mother fucker" Somewhere or how we have evolved like fish on to dry land and all ended up in Lancashire "Wigan" and are on the road anywhere the wind blows so dont be fooled, we can appear anywhere at anytime to give you a taste of our passion, It could be a Party,Bonfire,Wake,Wharehouse,Field,Den,Festival,House...etc..Get in touch if you want us to come and play for you! You wouldnt be disappointed. The governments are trying to spoil our fun and counter every move you make so be aware and give your two fingers to Blair and Bush and remember Its only a ride BLESS THE ASSASSIN we will be blasting your ear drums soon, were always working on new material at the moment and its quite different musically, hope you enjoy it .xxx
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Devine madness and passion on stage,To give our best preformance every time withour fail there are no refunds
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Guitars,Bass,Drums,Vocal come see it live!
Anything else?
Watch out for us were a coming!!!!!!!!!!