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Band/artist history
It all started with a kid who had a dream. I know that sounds cliche, but its the truth. I don't have much of a musical background other than my father being in a band when he was in high school. The reason I really fell in love with music was because I was on the path to being misguided. My father passed when I was 10 and I had to watch the accident take place. I moved to Idaho afterwards to live with my mom and my little sister. Lived in Buhl for about 3 months until my mom found a bigger house out in Castleford. Started school there and was basically hated by everyone except for Chase; my partner in rhyme, best friend, brother, teacher, and influence. We were always made fun of by everybody so we kept to ourselves. One year we performed in a talent show and sang a Bon Jovi song. Few praised us for our efforts. Around this time I started smoking weed, doing crank and cocaine, smoking cigarettes, and drinking. This all came in to play with my mom's boyfriend at the time, but I did learn quite a bit from him. I started writing little poems every now and again, just like 2 - 4 line poems just letting out my anger and depression. I would write what I wanted to say down, then crumble up the paper, throw it away, and continue on. I wrote off and on for quite some time until mid-8th grade to my starting of high school. This is when I really started getting into music. I was always listening to my walkman. Almost everywhere I went and whatever I did, music was with me. I started writing almost every chance I could. I didn't start letting people in on my music until my junior year and senior year in high school. My buddies and I would freestyle in the back of my house while drinking and smokin'. We'd freestyle on my front porch, in the park, at other little get togethers, everywhere. Came together with some other people who also had an interest in music and the means to record. At this point Off the Chain Productions was born. This era didn't even last a year. We had the means to record and recorded a few tracks but nothing really came together, no plans were made. It was just and idea someone had and said to tell people. After the OTC era I was on my own. I borrowed the mic from my buddy where we recorded at and started recording in the back room (laundry room, pantry, etc). "Encore" was my very first recorded solo track ever. Around this time I met the Red Eye Klick. My sister's boyfriend was really good friends with Beezy. He introduced us and we've been kickin' it ever since. Chase and I started talking about doing something with music and we were serious about it. He started working on an album, and I was working on an EP (which never came to be). We recorded a few tracks in his bathroom, and when I got my own place in my bathroom. My girlfriend at this time and I split up and I lost means to record. Found another place of my own and recorded in my bathroom there as well, but this was also short-lived. Moved back in with my mom, then saved up some money and a few buddies and I got a place together. There was an extra room in the house that first was my son's playroom, but now my studio. Invested in some studio foam and made up a booth, and here I am.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live a couple times. I love being in front of people performing my works of art. Playing live is probably my true release.
Your musical influences
Bio Killaz, Psychopathic Records, Suburban Noize Records, Mission: Infect, Army of the Pharaohs, and sooooooo many more.
What equipment do you use?
ACID Music Studio 6.0, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, a Samson C01U mic
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