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Missing Children is sung by Ike Mumpower Help us to find these kids.
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Angel Of Peace
Angel Of Peace written by Canie Alexander in support of our troops sung by Ike Mumpower. In support of our troops,
Freedom Is Not Just A Word
Freedom Is Not Just A Word is a song of our troops Sung By Ike Mumpower. Troops going to Iraq to free a country. And that freedom is more than just words.
POW Missing In Action
Song About Our P .O. W. Missing In Action. Sung by Ike Mumpower
Ribbons Fades Away
Ribbons Fade Away is to show support to our troops. Sung By Ike Mumpower And as the ribbons fade, don't forget our troops who are on the front line.
Hero's On The Crosses
Hero's On The Crosses Dedicated In Memory Of All Our Fallen Hero's . I done this after some California Veterans put crosses up on the beach. Sung by Ike Mumpower.
Heroes On The Walls
We have written 23 songs at this time .You may hear them by clicking on the little arrow be side them.If you are on high speed enter net click on the HI FI arrow. If you are on dail up click on LO Fi arrow.We thank you for comming to our site.All our songs is tributesongs to support out troops or missing children and other good causes.Don't forget to play the missing kids video you could see one here you know.If you are on dial up and can not play the video you can play the song down below on the songs list.If you see any these kids call 1 800 843 5678.Check me out on www.myspace/ikemumpower Thanks Missing Children is written to help bring missing kids back home you can help by requesting this song on your local radio.If they don't have the song have then to email me for the cd. at mumpower@comcast.net.You may see other missing kids by going to www.missingkids.com Also if you have a website put the rotation banner on it so that other people can see it. Lets bring them home.You May also go to our main website www.tributesongs.com or www.missingkids.com to find more missing kids.
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