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Don Armstrong
Don Armstrong
2 Top 100
22 Tracks
Mainly Country Music and some Christian Music.
A Perfect Night For Love
Peak in sub-genre #65
I Still Don't Miss You
Peak in sub-genre #30
Red Roses From My Heart
Peak in sub-genre #19
Increasing Love Waltz (instrumental)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Stop And Think It Over
Peak in sub-genre #28
I HAVE BEEN HONORED TO BE A WINNER OF THE PRESTIGIOUS ASCAPLUS AWARD FOR '2007-'2008. THIS AWARD REFLECTS MY SONGWRITING ABILITY AND IS SPECIAL TO ME. I play and sing and write country music. I will be adding songs from time to time. I also sing christian songs and have included some songs here that my sister wrote. I am starting to write many different kinds of music. I WAS JUST INFORMED THAT I WAS SELECTED TO BE INDUCTED INTO THE LOCAL 'WABASH VALLEY MUSICIANS HALL OF FAME' JAN 28TH OF 2007. I CONSIDER THIS A GREAT HONOR. I THANK THE PEOPLE OF MY AREA FOR THIS AWARD. music is one of the best ways to touch a soul Don Armstrong I WOULD LIKE TO ADD A SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE PURCHASED MY MUSIC HERE AT SOUNDCLICK. THANKS TO YOU MY MUSIC IS DOING WELL AT THIS TIME.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played country music for many years, both as a one-man-band and with other bands.
Your musical influences
I grew up with Christian music and later started singing Country music. Marty Robbins was a great inspiration as was Billy Walker. My favorite musician, singer, songwriter, has to be Merle Haggard. It is a shame radio don't play this man's music anymore because it is as fresh today as it was when he started. George Jones is my favorite country ballad singer. No one can touch him on that.
What equipment do you use?
Several keyboards and guitars. Computers and software.
Anything else?
Hope this music touches your heart. I also hope it makes you smile. If you visit my message board please leave me a message. I would also like to thank the people who have stations that are playing my music. Thank You SoundClick for the opportunity to list my music on this page. Thank You for visiting my band page.... I AM SO PROUD OF OUR SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE FIGHTING TO LET FREEDOM RING AROUND THE WORLD...:) :)
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