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Tangent Sunset
Tangent Sunset
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Humorous, social commentary, alternative, pop/rock, storyteller music
This is music that wanders into unchartered territory with a new approach and a new attitude. It's about what's going on in society with a flash of humor and a twist in melody.
Band/artist history
2003 Alex Cosper creates Tangent Sunset and makes recordings with friends Jimmy Braiser and John Young. The website Tangent Sunset.com debuts. The first release is "The FIrst 79 Minutes." 2004 Tangent Sunset releases "Future's Nest" and then "Songs About the Earth." 2005 Tangent Sunset releases "Montage." KYOU Radio in San Francisco begins giving the project airplay. 2006 Tangent Sunset offers free music downloads on Tangent Sunset.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment Tangent Sunset is an "Internet Only Band."
Your musical influences
The biggest influence would be the Beatles and a bunch of other seminal groups of the sixties and seventies. The 80s and 90s influences are the biggest names in modern rock such as R.E.M.
What equipment do you use?
All the music is recorded on a Roland BR 1180 CD in a home studio.
Anything else?
Music is a chance to express an infinite number of ideas. Tangent Sunset moves away from the norm and does not try to conform to formulas, yet it embraces music of many traditions while reaching for new directions.