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Christopher Raven
Christopher Raven
3 Tracks
rock n roll and blues and folk classical blended together with story telling songs that make you think.
Christopher Raven Holy Wars Age : 38 Location : Edmonton, Alberta Contact : 1 (780) 289-1010 Producer/songwriter Christopher Raven is presently residing in Edmonton Canada. He performs and writes all the parts of his songs and aspires to find artists that are intested in touring with some of his songs. In the same respect however, that has not stopped him from producing 8 cds of his material. The lastest and up and coming cd is titled Holy Wars. This introspect into his ideas of peace when it seems the world is choosing war, has arrived at the perfect time and place. Christopher wrote over 90 songs for this cd choosing the best 13 tracks. Christopher has also been busy filming an independant movie that portrays a fictionary search by the media for a lost band. This film uses musicians from north america adlibbing all of their parts as there was no script devaloped. He rather chose to use the music and raw life to tell the story. His main focus however is sell these songs to other artists and or movie soundtracks, agents, managers or song brokers, as there are over 200 songs of different genres to choose from. Christopher chooses to perform 4 big shows every year and is currently raising a family.
Band/artist history
The artist has been around the music scene in north america since his first three cd release in late 1997.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play 4 500 plus, shows per year, usually town festivals or big private organized parties.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd, Led Zep, The Stones, The Tragicly Hip, The Black Crowes, John Prine, Metallica, The Eagles, Black Sabbath, Ben Harper to list a few.
What equipment do you use?
zoom recording and effects, ampeg amps, Norman acoustics and ibanez electric and bass guitars.
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