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Jonas A
Jonas A
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Bottleneck, slideguitar, Lou Reed, Ry Cooder, Neil Young, Rory Gallagher, Rolling Stones, U2, White Stripes, Bob Dylan, Son House, Bukka White, Charley Patton..
WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LEATHERNUN WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LEATHERNUNRELOADED WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THELEGACYSWEDEN Hi! This is my musicblog in cyberspace. Here you'll be able to follow my songwriting: from outlines - to demoes. Here are a few comments on the music featured here: "Hi Bro! I LOVE your music on that soundclick - I listened to all the available tracks & it blew me away - well done my friend!" Ian McWee, Diamond Bottlenecks, UK "Very nice playing, Jonas!" Bob Brozman, USA "Your music sounds great, very enjoyable. And... CONGRATULATIONS on getting such a high chart position. With 5000 other artists to compete with, that is very good!" Michael Messer, Notecannons, UK "The track of Jonas is a great acoustic bluessong." Thomas Kaldijk, Radio show "Blueprint", Holland "I enjoyed listening to you play. Three different people spoke to me in your playing. The three being Rory Gallagher, Ry Cooder and David Lindley. And lots of other influences as well, and a whole lot of Jonas Almquist for sure! Keep pickin' buddy, and good job." Rick Kendrick, USA "Very nice. The tone of the instrument and your control over the vibrato and position are most impressive. If this is a representitive sample of your playing I can see why major lables are interested." Alex, posting, www.WeenieCampbell.com (noted US website and internetradio dedicated to Pre-war Blues) "Jonas why dont you spray some water on that Dobro cause I think it is on FIRE MAN WHEW EXCELLENT..." Billy, The Taylor Family (US Christian Countrygroup) Well played Jonas! Just so long as you don't knock me off the charts! Kirk Lorange, Australian slideguitar wizard
Band/artist history
Former singer & songwriter of legendary swedish alternative rockband Leather Nun. Check the website for more info: www.myspace.com/leathernun I'm currently recording material for a solo-cd/Leather Nun offspring www.myspace.com/leathernunreloaded Also working on a roots music project: www.myspace.com/thelegacysweden
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Some people hate touring - I love it.
Your musical influences
Lou Reed, Rory Gallagher, John Lee Hooker, Charley Patton, Son House, Skip James, Rev Edward Clayborn, banjoist Dink Roberts, Ry Cooder, Neil Young - to name but a few... I guess you could call my music Big City Folklore, New Folk Wave or New Spiritual Music. Rootsmusic of the 21st Century. Spiritual music. Music of dispair, repent, hope and love.
What equipment do you use?
National Triolian '32 resonator guitar, Collings Mandolin, my grandpa's fiddle (there were three generations of fiddlers on my mothers side during the 19th Century, of which I learnt this past summer. My 80 years old mum didn't think I was interested) and my gammelharpa (Silverbasharpa, the nyckelharpa of Uppland, Sweden during the 19th Century).
Anything else?
I frequent forums and websites like DiamondBottlenecks.com (makers of the best bottlenecks in the world Hi Ian!), the IGS Acoustic Guitar Forum (Guitarseminars.com - mainly pro's and semi-pro's discussing interesting guitartopics like blues and fingerstyle guitar), Notecannons.com (informative website for anyone interested in old Nationals), VintageNationals.com (Great well for finding great instruments - Hi Len!), Blues Matters (bluesmag, web-forum and successful motor of the UK bluesscene - Hi Darren!), WeenieCampbell.com (an excellent US website and internetradiostation dedicated to pre-war blues) and a bunch of other websites like swedish Ljudbojen (http://ljudbojen.rocks.it/).
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