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Dada Pogrom
Dada Pogrom
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Dada Pogrom is a visual and aural force for: tech Noire, synth pop, electro and minimalism.
DADA POGROM is a musical and visual force that stands alone in its genre. The music and film of Dada Pogrom seek to evoke and express the darkness that surrounds all works of man'kind and nature. For example, the universe is entropic at all levels of its existence and according to the current cosmological theorems, are finite and limited. As the days of a mans life are limited, so too are those of a star, galaxy, a world, and a civilization. Within the chaos that is everything however, there exists the order of force and time. This order that governs all entropy is the very root of beauty and is the inspiration for Dada Pogrom. This is Dada Pogrom and this is Tech Noire.
Band/artist history
Based in both Reykjavik, Iceland and Toronto, Canada, Dada Pogrom draws influences from computer science, Royal Conservatory training, multi-media forms, and composes analogue music with an electronic attitude. Hints of techno, lounge, and drum & base are presented in previous works entitled, Tech Noire and Apocalypso. It is an eclectic mix states Danny Rajala, a journalist for Tiedonantaja newspaper in Finland. Short film direction such as Varga One and The Path Well Trod by Phileas Fogg also add to this repertoire and his musical influences however, stem from Kraftwerk, J.S Bach, Devo, and moreover, Dada Pogroms musical lineage stems from both Sigvaldi Kaldalons and Selmu Kaldalons, two highly acclaimed Icelandic composers of secular music. Dada Pogrom was officially signed in 2004 to an independent record label in Toronto called Beatkamp Inc. where the forthcoming album entitled, Deja Voodoo was recorded at The Warehouse in Vancouver and produced by Anthony Fu Valcic whose expertise have also been applied to Marilyn Manson, Korn, and Skinny Puppy to name a few. In 2006, 300 promotional samplers were created and thus, distributed to top industry designers, buyers and media via invitations from Superated, a Viennese fashion label who invited Dada Pogrom to perform for their collection presented at Paris fashion week in March of the same year. The works contained in the following lists are compositions used for various artistic projects and are summarized with respective European criticism. Works for Sound Recordings (1997) "Pk2Pk" CD (1998) "Cultus Viagrus" CD (2002) "Boogie Electric" 12 Vinyl (2002) "Hale Bopp" 12 Vinyl (2002) "Tech Noire" CD (2002) "Strid" 12 Vinyl (2003) "Narrow Kamp" CD (2003) "Skaparinn Tone Art" CD (2004) "Apocalypso" CD (2004) "War is a Pogrom" 12 Vinyl (2006) "Deja Voodoo" CD (2006) "Superated Sampler" CD Works for Film Other Productions (2002) "A Ghost of St.Johns" Short Film (ISL) (2002) Strid Kenneth Cole (CAN) (2003) "Path Well Trod by Phileas Fogg" (ISL) (2003) Strid Music Video (CAN) (2004) various Givenchy (CAN) (2005) "Varga One" Short Film (USA) (2005) Eternity Music Video (ISL) (2005) Deja Voodoo Music Video (ISL) (2006) Superated Fashion Collection (FRA) Press Quotes TastyFanzine (United Kingdom) There is a minimal retro sound throughout the album, in keeping with some of Dada Pogroms stated influences such as Kraftwerk and Devo, and there are also shades of early Front 242... - Leighton Cooksey To Hell with Co.Uk (United Kingdom) ...sound has been described as tech noir and it certainly is dark. with 80s style electro clash rhythms merged with almost beethoven like compositions, theres more than a nod to other dark dance groups such as kraftwerk and the chemical brothers but with the political content in tracks such as manifesto, battle and ash wednesday (about the bombing of dresden) it makes it harder to really cut loose. Someones obviously been listening to Paul Hardcastle. The Reykjavik Grapevine (Iceland) ... hes worked a lot with Icelandic artists and film makers including the movie April 1st with director Hakur M and the video Bent Nagast, a rap track by XXX Rotweiler... - Jondi Tiedonantaja (Finland) It is an eclectic mix... - Danny Rajala Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland) an interpretation of many genres and disciplines, even philosophy". - Jan Strang Fin Dance (Finalnd) Dada Pogrom, an Icelander brings to us Apocalypso. This music is new dark wave and tech noire, a good mixture of genres where evidence of German electronic sounds can be felt. - Antti Niemela Desibeli (Finland) ...Apocalypso is a dark ambient even a modern Kraftwerk produced at Thule Studios in Iceland... Lets Make Some Noise (Finland) ...Apocalypso can be compared to Kraftwerk but with a sense of humor that is... Guts of Darkness (France) The Icelandic climates favours electro: Sigur Ròs, Reptilicus, Bjork and Dada Pogrom, an intelligent and varied techno exploring a spectrum of pop (Uppkoma') with a key new wave (Forn')... the spectrum of Kraftwerk haunts these compositions ; one also thinks of a certain work of Girogio Moroder (Koma') but the sound remains resolutely modern. Liability Webzine (France) The techno ambient of "Apocalypso" is very dark,. One rather speak about disc rather than to dance at times. - Dorian France Techno (France) ...plays with the theme of war, and it is a very cynical critique at best... Kindamuzik (The Netherlands) The cd according to the attached bio is 'aggressive/explosive. This is exactly what I hear when this album is in my stereo. Indie Pop (Italy) war is a pogrom, it is a festival of death" ("War is to Pogrom") is the force of Apocalypso... - Fabio Salvatore
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Absolutely, I play live: Helsinki (very cool), Reykjavik, West Virginia, Toronto, Ottawa, Vienna...
Your musical influences
J.S Bach, Devo, Gary Numan, David Sylvian, Skinny Puppy, etc...
What equipment do you use?
Synths, synths and more synths, Ja!
Anything else?
Thank you for taking the time to listen and read about Dada Pogrom.
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