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Franck Ridel project
Franck Ridel project
7 Tracks
instrumental heavy trash prog metal
Franck Ridel is a french guitarist. he plays intrumental heavy rock and metal. his prefers guitarist are John Pettrucci (Dream Theater), Steve Vai, Patrick Rondat, and Joe Satriani. 2 albums are availalble: abyss (2002) and prophecy (2005)
Band/artist history
Biography (from http://www.ridel.fr) Franck was born on June, the 11th 1980 in Lisieux, Calvados, Lower-Normandy, France. In 1985, when he was 5 years old, Franck finds himself a gift for music when his parents offerred him his first keyboard. This passion got confirmed in 1991 when he learned flute in school and is inspired by being offered his first guitar in 1993. From then, he had only one obsession: making a living of music. Franck creates his first bands in 1995 and learns playing bass and drums between two rehearsing. In 1997, he creates ANCESTRAL with Yvon Soler the bassist he worked with for about a year on several compositions and Yvon's brothers. They record a 4-title demo on tape in 1998, following this comes their first concerts with Yvon at vocals. After ANCESTRAL splitted, Franck joined in 1999 a band he'll later call ALEMBIC HALL. He became the main composer of the band and even wrote some lyrics. Thanks to a beat box, Franck started creating his first instrumental titles. (Among which Passion's Song and Halloween) In late 2000 Yvon tried to join ALEMBIC HALL, but finally started a parallel project with Franck and his beat box. This project will got as big as a band but finally split in early 2001. At that time the place where Franck and Yvon used to work was damaged by thieves and they lost a part of their gear, which slow downed Franck with his work on his instrumental compositions. But the duo persist in, found a singer, and started doing concerts. Then a drummer joined the band: DESILLUSION was born. Franck bought a more professional sequencer thanks to which he could compose more refined instrumental titles. This solo project gets bigger and bigger... In summer 2001, Franck records two demo titles with a 4-track tape recorder he borrowed for a contest in Guitarist Magazine: he wins the contest. In late 2001, he sends a 4-title CD to Patrick Rondat and his photographer Carole Epinette. Patrick answers Franck positively, which encourage Franck to push the project further and record a self produced album, in 2002, with his own 4-track tape recorder. He records Abyss. Franck temporarily left DESILLUSION at the end of the recording in July 2002 and definitively quit the band in february 2004. During this time, Franck finds love, a job as a guitar teacher, and decides to take the time to live and to compose. That sabbatical time lasted until July 2005, when he decided to record a second album. His guitar play had evolved since Abyss, so did his gear. Then, during the whole summer, he felt ready to spend all his nights recording. But in mid-august, Franck is very tired, and has to slow down. At the end of august the recording is over. He needed two months to record Prophecy Franck now rests for a month. The album is finally out in late 2005 and on the web site. Now his solo project has got bigger, Franck has decided to have fun on stage.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes. in france, in Normandy.
Your musical influences
Dream Theater, Patrick Rondat, Laurent Fleury, Steve Vai, Annihilator, Vinnie Moore, Testament, Joe Satriani, Pink Floyd, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vanden Plas, Slayer, Bumblefoot, Systeme Of A Down, Michael Romeo,...
What equipment do you use?
guitars:Ibanez UV777, Simon & Patrick 12 Strings, and Andaluza, pre-amp: Marshall JPM1, amp: Peavey CS200x, speaker: Tube Works, effects: Zoom GFX8
Anything else?
thanks for listenning. hope you enjoy it.
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