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Carnival (Eire)
Carnival (Eire)
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Precious Ground
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Andy's 15
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Our name is Carnival, we're from a little town Called Carlow in Ireland..We have four members Baz-Guitar, Bull- Bass, Nails- Keyboards/Lead Vocals, Chaz- Drums/vocals..We're all in our early twenty's and have been playing together for around a year or more..for more visit www.myspace.com/comejointhecarnival
Band/artist history
"DON'T bite the apple the old muse screamed in his ear"/Baz took a long pensive pull on his cigerette and surveyed the the old mage's eyes "How will I ever know what it tastes like ?"/" Don't you know there are higher things in this life than your pathetic taste buds... it's a shame you're so weak !" he mumbled with a condescending air./ Baz now felt the burn of his ciggarette butt in his mouth as a tear joined the wash of rain drops already rolling down his cheeks./"I bid you adieu dear sir". With those final words he mounted his motorcycle and headed deep into the breezy night in search of that ancient, infamous crossroads. That was the last anybody ever saw or heard of the guitar player with his soul intact. Old folks in the nearby village always maintained it was Dr. Dan Van Brennad that finally got him to "push forward the vibes" as they called it with the influence of a hermit druid of pollerton's valley; a man who, legend has it, had an natural affinity with animals- so much so that locals often dubbed him "The Bull". The Bull's apprentice hailed from the lowlands of rathnapish, and eager as he was, duly accepted to join his master on this mystical journey that he often spoke of. A great wave of sound came from the bower located in the back of the doctor's lodgings one evening and things would never be the same again. However nothing could have prepared the four for the news that was now put upon them. "I must go forth on a pilgramage to the land of the norse God of thunder for a time of no less than seven years!" the doctor declared. The once raving Bower was engulfed in a lenghtly awkward silence. The young apprentice, in his typical pragmatic fashion resolved the fear "All is not lost dear friends. Rathnapish has made a name for itself in the early years as a fine place for recruiting apprentices. Colonel Hanakatke has become known widely as a man of great vision. However there is one condition: he will only travel if accompanied by another born under the sign of virgo." From that time , what was once four had become five, and the fifth member would traverse the once polar gender stance. Sound creations were heard in the towns of Carlow, Maynooth, Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Waterford, Manchester, London, Paris and New York and the world would now have to prepare itself for the entity that had become "Carnival".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As much as we possibly can, we play in different places including Carlow, Dublin and Maynooth
Your musical influences
The list is endless really but mainly bands like The Beatles, Stone Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Arcade Fire, The Strokes...etc
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